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“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘It will be happier.'” -Alfred Lord Tennyson

Snapchat-1311408993Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas. I for one had a rollercoaster of a day. The morning was great and I’m super excited about the new mouse and mousepad I received because my 12 year old mouse I got with my first computer had died finally. The bad part? I accidentally locked myself in the garage. I have spent a few weeks alone in the house because Michaela and her family went to Florida for the holidays and on Christmas night, I went out to the freezer to see what I wanted to eat for dinner. Well, apparently the door wasn’t unlocked all the way and when I shut it behind me, I locked myself in. It’s a long story but thankfully I was in there for less than two hours. Zack was able to get the neighbors help to cut the chain off the front door and come into the house and let me out of the garage. So, crisis averted, no living in the freezing garage for two weeks.

This post isn’t about the horrors of the holidays, though. It is yet another post about setting goals. As I was looking over things that I want to improve I saw an overall theme: ME. I want to work on me; physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually, socially…literally every way possible. So, here is what I’m thinking:

  1. Physically:
    a) Start yoga -I’m taking yoga to fulfill the PE requirement for my AA-
    b) Go to the gym -Zack has a membership for a gym and can take one person with him-
    c) Drink more water -or water in general-
    d) Try my hardest to cut out gluten
  2. Emotionally:
    a) Write in a journal
    b) Look at the positives when I get really down
    c) Listen to uplifting music
  3. Mentally:
    a) I’m seeing a personal counselor through the church so I want to continue meeting with him
    b) Continue growing by reading -my goal is to read 7 books-
    c) Finish community college -finally-
    d) Keep up with my blog -maybe I can do better than I did this year-
    e) Write my book -I need to just do it-
  4. Financially:
    a) Sell my wedding dress FINALLY -I’ve been trying to sell it for a year and I’ve added a slideshow of it below- 
    b) Get a job -this will happen this year-
    c) Create a savings plan
  5. Spiritually:
    a) Read the Book of Mormon again
    b) Read the Bible through for the first time
    c) Go to all church activities I am capable of going to
    d) Get into family history more
  6. Socially:
    a) Find free activities to do with friends
    b) Take a few trips with friends and/or family -go white water rafting and hiking, specifically-
    c) Host a family reunion -this is happening in June, whether people come or not-
    d) Visit family in Idaho

Yes, I am aware that this is a long list but if you stop and really look at it, it’s very doable. I didn’t make unattainable goals like travel the world, get married, or have my own house because realistically that won’t happen. But I do have the ability to take care of my needs. As this is my last post of 2018, I wish you all a happy and safe New Year! Comment below on ways to help me sell this dress, I honestly want it out of my closet already.

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“An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow.” -Unknown

My topic for today is MY 5TH ANNIVERSARY of having this blog. I am grateful for everyone who has stuck with me. I may not be the most consistent blogger or the most interesting but you have been here for me though it all. From my first post, “A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime” to my wedding plans and trips around the US. So much has happened in my life and I am glad I get to share it with you. I am grateful for those who have been with me the whole five years and for those who are just joining me in my adventures.

I just can’t believe that it really has been 5 years since I opened this account and began sharing my stories with the world. Literally, people from all over the world have viewed my blog, something I thought would never happen. I may not have millions of followers or be any sort of popular in the blogosphere but I am here and I am happy.

I hope you all keep coming back and enjoying my content. And for now, enjoy this amazing song that came to my mind.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney

disneySince last week I have thought about what I would post about pertaining to my planning and adventures to Orlando, Florida. It was an amazing experience but wouldn’t have happened the way it did without prior preparation and planning. And, as I said last week, without the help of Shannon from WDW Prep School. This week, I want to discuss how I picked my date.

If any of you noticed, in my post last week, I said it was our honeymoon/first anniversary trip. I call it that because it was our planned honeymoon that we wanted to take right after the wedding but were unable to, due to short funds and other things coming up. It happened for the best, though. We then pushed it back to January or February 2016, we were going to make it part of my birthday. This also fell through for one reason or another. Finally, in early November 2015, we settled on May, for our anniversary. And we booked it early enough to be able to make early character meal plans. It is recommended to do so 180 days before the first day of your trip and we were able to do that.

Shannon goes into more detail on how to pick the perfect date. If you’re not going for a special occasion, like we did, then you have a few different things to consider; what is the weather typically like at the time you’re thinking of going? What are the crowds like? Is it during their peak season or their off-season? Shannon goes over all of this and more.

When we went in May 22-29, 2016, the weather was almost perfect; it was warm but not hot during the day and cold but not freezing at night. I would suggest a light sweater for the cooler evenings. It didn’t rain at all while we were there but we had ponchos just in case. The crowds were relatively low, even with schools going on field trips there during our week. Many school in the neighboring states take trips there. We went through lines fairly quickly. The time of year we went was not quite their peak season, schools hadn’t gotten out yet and it was mostly during the week.

I know that this isn’t a how-to or an advice column but more of a referral post but Shannon gives the best advice and she knows what she’s doing. I just want to give you a first-timers perspective. Thank you for reading my Disney posts! I’ll keep posting as often as I can. There’s more to be discussed! Comment below with any tips on how to pick the perfect date for your Disney trip

“Procrastination is opportunity’s assassin” -Victor Kiam

So… I know I haven’t posted anything in a long while, a loathes happened too! So here is the post about all that has happened.

I went to Mexico for the first time. I went with my fiancé and his parents and sister to visit his family. Of course, I couldn’t understand anyone or anything, but it was still so much fun. I love the food and the culture. I think I was supposed to be Mexican, hahaha. I love Mexican food, I always have. I did come to the realization that Americanized Mexican food is all a lie. I mean, really. I knew Taco Bell wasn’t real Mexican food but eve some of the food served at “Mexican” restaurants lies to you. I loved the real stuff, it was so wonderful! I had so much food, I felt myself gain weight, hahahahaha. So I am on a “diet.” I had Sting Ray, which was made by my fiancé’s uncle; tortas (kind of like sandwiches but 1,000,000 times better), which we went to a little restaurant for it twice; ate flautas, which are real taquitos; elotes in a cup, which is the corn with all the yummy stuff (Think of the corn man); tacos (of course!); camarones or shrimp cocktails (never had it before but it was so good)….and I had other food but can’t really think of it all right now. I can’t wait to go back to Mexico, mostly for the food but I enjoyed his family too!

I lost my job. The mother I was nannying for decided that she wanted her boys to go to a daycare so she didn’t need me anymore. I  was a bit sad for a little while but then happy. I hated my job. I’m sorry to say that but I did. I loved what I was doing but those boys, mostly the 4-year-old, made it so hard. You know there is something wrong when you come home and cry for a good half hour after work. The 4-year-old is not nice, whatsoever. One day, we went to the park and he demanded that I push him in the swing. I said “no” so he got angry. He proceeded to say “I’m going to kill you with a real gun” and similar things. I reported this to the dad and you know what? He told me that I need to be more patient with him because he is going through a rough time since he is phasing from being a 4-year-old to being a five-year-old. I don’t know about you but THAT IS NOT A GOOD THING TO DISMISS! I mean, hello!?! A normal 4-year-old should not be threatening his nanny every 5 minutes or every time he hears the word “no”. Tat wasn’t the only time I was ever threaten, it was just the only time I actually talked to the parents about it. I decided that there was no point in addressing it with the parents if they were going to dismiss everything. I had brought up other issues but they dismissed those, as well. I feel sorry for those kids. Anyway…I may not have a job but I feel so much better than I did a couple of weeks ago.

Wedding planning is going well, there is still so much to do. AHHHH! 32 MORE DAYS! Where does the time of? I just can’t figure it out.

Anyway…Sorry I was rambling so much. I have to go clean the kitchen then work on homework. I hope y’all have a great day and I hope that I will be able to be on the ball now with blog posts. If anyone would like me to write about anything specific, let me know. I would love to do it. Later everyone!

This is from my phone while we were waiting to cross the border back into the US...
This is from my phone while we were waiting to cross the border back into the US…