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“We’ve gone our separate ways and I know it’s for the best, but sometimes I wonder, will I ever have friends like you again?” -Unknow

These girls are my family
These girls are my family

When you get older, you start looking for friends who love the same things you do and stop looking for friends who are just there to keep you company. It took me awhile to find true friends. I moved around a lot until 3rd grade so I didn’t have any friends. Then I got held back so all of my “friends” were gone. I started making new friends but they went away by 6th grade. In 7th grade (Junior High) I finally met a girl who I could really truly call a friend. I still remember the way we met,we were in PE and I was talking to my crush from summer school and she was eves-dropping. I had asked him if he were going to the school dance that week (or was it the week after?) and he said no, that’s when she shouted “I’m going!” I kinda shrugged her off at first but when we went back into the locker room. We had lockers next to each other and I saw that she was alone and so was I. I started talking to her and we made plans to meet up at the dance. This friend is MishaDot, by the way. At the dance, she introduced me to one of her best friends that she had grown up with, Mere. Mere was new to public school because she came from OLV (a Catholic school) and she didn’t have many friends. After that day, we hung out all the time! I eventually met the girl who I loved so much and she was like the little sister I always wanted, Sarah. We were closer than close and inseparable. I also met Becca in my English class. Becca and I had our own little “friend-iveraries and we later found out that we were distant cousins. Alas, all good things must come to an end and that mean friendship as well. Sarah started to change and we went our separate ways but I still think about her from time to time and wonder what she’s doing with her life. I hope for the best for her. I always have. Mere started drifting from us as soon as we started high school. She made new, older friends and she didn’t really need us anymore I guess. the summer before our Sophomore year I moved to Missouri, returning a year later. Becca had changed and I tried to love her through all of her changes because I knew she was just trying to find the real her. I missed the old her but I should have known that people constantly change. Our friendship was on hold for a short period, twice actually. Junior year we fought over a guy and that kinda tore us apart for about a month. And the Senior year, we fought about other stuff and didn’t talk at all for a good few months. Now, almost two years after graduation, we are finally going our separate ways. Mishadot is moving to a small town up in the mountains a few hours away, I’m going on a mission and then who knows what after that, and Becca…well, we’re not sure what she’s doing any more. I will always love these girls like family. I will cherish the memories we made, the endless rounds of Truth or Dare where they got me to sing to my crush of 4 years or coloring each others faces with lipstick.

Mere and I colored our faces
Mere and I colored our faces
Mere, Becca, and I about to go to a church dance
Mere, Becca, and I about to go to a church dance

There are so many things that I wanted to do with these girls. I know that they will forever be in my heart and I hope that I can at least be the kind of “used to be” that they can still talk to and trust. The are my family and they mean so much more to me than they will ever know, no amount of time or distance can change that. And I know that I have new friends, like Victoria and Jewel, who I am so lucky to know and have, but there’s nothing like your first real set of friends. MishaDot, Becca, Mere, and even Sarah: If you guys ever read this, I love you and I will ALWAYS be here to talk to. I will always be there to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. I promise! And when I get married I want you guys to be there, not just see photos. You are my family. Family doesn’t have to run in the same blood line.  After seven, almost eight years, we have experienced too much to forget. I hope you never forget! And always remeber who you are and that grandma loved you like her own granddaughter. I know she wanted the best for you girls just as I do. Forever your friend, Care-bear!

The King and Queen Ball 8th grade
The King and Queen Ball 8th grade: Sarah, Becca, Debbie, Mere, MishaDot, and I

“And I give unto you a commandment that you shall teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom.” D&C 88:77


Ok, I know this is my third post of the day but I think this one goes hand-in-hand with my last post. I’m posting up a second challenge! This one isn’t for the Book of Mormon though, this is for the Doctrine and Covenants(D&C)! Let’s see who can read that in 31 days, we’ll see who is up for the challenge. It seems like when people think of LDS scripture they focus on the Book of Mormon (whence the nickname Mormons) and focus less on D&C or Pearl of Great Price. All scriptures are important, including the Holy Bible. We use The King James Version, by the way. Anyway, I’ll give you guys the schedule for reading the Doctrine and Covenants in 31 days.

Here is the Daily Routine:

  1. D&C 1-6
  2. D&C 7-10
  3. D&C 11-18
  4. D&C 19-20
  5. D&C 21-28
  6. D&C 29-33
  7. D&C 34-39
  8. D&C 40-43
  9. D&C 44-46
  10. D&C 47-51
  11. D&C 42-58
  12. D&C 59-62
  13. D&C 63-66
  14. D&C 67-72
  15. D&C 73-76
  16. D&C 77-82
  17. D&C 83-84
  18. D&C 85-88
  19. D&C 89-92
  20. D&C 93-97
  21. D&C 98-101
  22. D&C 102-104
  23. D&C 105-107
  24. D&C 108-110
  25. D&C 11-115
  26. D&C 116-123
  27. D&C 124-125
  28. D&C 126-129
  29. D&C 130-133
  30. D&C 134-136
  31. D&C 137-138

And there you go, done in 31 days. Good luck to everyone! I know you can do it. I’m not challenging you to memorize every chapter just to read it. And when you do, you will love it! I hope everyone at least atempts it, you never know what you can do when you set your mind to something 🙂

“South Carolina Low Country” -Josh Turner

If you don’t know what the title of this blog is from than you probably don’t listen to country. But there is a reason why I picked those song lyrics for my title of the blog and the reason is this: I GOT MY MISSION CALL!!!! It came Saturday, January 26, 2013.

Here is my call letter :) there was nothing better than being surrounded by friends and family when I read where I was going.

As you can probably see, I’m called to the South Carolina Columbia mission. It’s pretty exciting! I leave March 6, 2013 for the Missionary Training Center and I will be there for a couple of weeks before I head out to my mission. I have been doing a lot of research about the State and I have learned a lot! For example, Josh Turner is from South Carolina. Now you know why I chose the title.

Now that it’s been almost a week since I opened my call, I have made a list of things I need to buy, here are some of the things on my list:

  1. Notebooks
  2. Shoulder bag
  3. Bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths
  4. Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, etc.
  5. First-aid kit supplies: multi-vitamins, cold & allergy medicine, decongestants, fever reducer, anti-diarrhea, anti-biotic ointment, anti-itch cream, anti-fugal cream or spray, band-aids, 25-35% DEET
  6. Sunscreen and Lip Balm with at least SPF 30
  7. Small sewing kit
  8. Battery clock
  9. Laundry bag
  10. Batteries
  11. Watch
  12. Moleskin
  13. Skirts
  14. Shirts
  15. Shoes
  16. Water Bottle
  17. Eyeliner
  18. Stamps
  19. Envelopes

That’s not everything I have to buy but that gives you an idea of every day things that I’ll need. All of that and more has to fit in two checked suitcases and one carry-on, hope it’ll all fit lol.

Anyone who wants me to have their address or email, send it to me somehow. You can message it to me on Facebook, it’s the easiest thing to do. I’ll be leaving in 5 weeks so if anyone wants to keep up my blog, comment because I’ll need someone to update my blog while I’m on my mission.

Thanks everyone who has been supporting me in my decision to go on a mission, I can’t believe that in a little over a month I’ll be in South Carolina doing the Lord’s work 🙂 I love all of you guys!

“REALLY? You have juice packets and Rocky!” -Pitch Perfect

Ok, if any of you have seen “Pitch Perfect” then you know where the quote came from. I watched the movie last night and I really liked it. And I now have a new crush….Skylar Astin. I know I will never meet him but he is amazing. Well, his character is anyway lol. I know this post is really random but as I told you guys, I don’t care if anyone reads this it’s just for me to write about what I’m thinking.


After watching the movie and seeing Skylar’s character, I now know what I want in a guy. I’ve always known but I’ve never written them down. Here is a short list of things I’d like in a guy:

1. Can make me laugh (not that hard to do)

2. Handsome (at least to me. He doesn’t have to be drop dead gorgeous lol)

3. Spontaneous (In a good way lol)

4. Romantic ♥

5. Returned missionary (and worthy to go marry in the temple)

6. Have goals in life and a plan in action to achieve those goals

7. Loving to his mother (if he isn’t loving to his mom why would he be loving to me?)

There’s a good list of stuff but I won’t list them all.

So, that’s all for my random post. Who is everyone’s celebrity crush? Everyone has to have one, or had one at one point in their life.

“A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime.” -Author Unknown

My titles are going to be quotes, just so you know lol.

So, as so many of you know, I come from a past of many overcome challenges. Do I think I have suffered more than everyone else? Nope. Everyone struggles with different things in their lives and different times. Some people go through so much as a child and continue to go through tough times and some have it quite easy as children but go through so much pain and trial as an adult. Being born to a mother who could not put her priorities in line the right way, I guess you could say my childhood was rough. I started out life in Texas, where I spent the first part of my life up until after kindergarten, living with my mom and two brothers from my mom’s previous relationship. I think right after kindergarten my brothers went to go stay with their dad because my mom was not fit to be a mother but I couldn’t go because my mom was my legal guardian  This, in turn made my mom mad. We eventually moved to California and my mom found trouble at every corner and sent me to live with one of her friends in Arizona. That was a bad experience for me and I blocked most of it out of my mind. My grandma went and picked me up from there and from then on I was raised my her and the man I grew up to call my grandpa. I never met my real grandfather because my mom didn’t like him. For the first few years, it was difficult to adjust to living with someone other than my mom. I would have to sleep in my grandma’s bed with her and found myself scared because I was afraid my mom would come in and take me. She did do this before, she had taken me from school after I had stayed with my grandparents for about a month, that’s when she sent me away to Arizona. School was hard for me, I fell so behind while living with my mom because I hardly ever attended school, therefore I was held back a year. To some that would be a curse, but to me I see it as a blessing. I started going to church at that point, not really understanding it, and found myself very active in all the activities they had. I eventually started to see in myself what everyone else saw and began going somewhere in life. In fifth grade, I found out what true talent was through my teacher Mrs. Yates. She entered me into a writing contest and from that day on I knew I wanted to be a writer. English was always my favorite subject and that just made it that much more exciting for me. In sixth grade I started to make friends but they didn’t stay long after we started middle school but i middle school I met people who were just like me in so many ways. Two of those girls are still my best friends and they are like family to me. I was so excited that for the first time in my life, I had REAL friends who loved me for who I was and would never leave me. We went through so much together, we still go through so much together. In high school, I moved to Missouri and said goodbye to all of those friends I had made, it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. But that didn’t last long because a year later I was back. My grandparents had passed away from a car accident and I went to live with my aunt and uncle. It wasn’t too hard adjusting but not easy either. A new-ish school with new people. I wanted to go back to Missouri. I quickly made friends though and I even got to travel the world. Now I am graduated and I have completed 3 semesters of college but I knew something was missing in my life and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I continuously failed my college courses and I felt like i was stuck in a rut. I didn’t see myself going anywhere. But then in October, I was reading the talks from General Conference from church and they talked about missions and right there in my little apartment on that leather couch, all bundled up in my blanket, reading those talks, that’s when I knew what was missing in my life. That is the moment I KNEW what I had to do. I went to the bishop, told him I wanted to serve a mission and I started my papers. I started my papers in early November and turned them into the bishop the last Sunday in November. My papers were sent to Utah in late December and now I am just waiting for that letter to tell me where in the world (literally) I am going.

I’m sorry this was so long. I love you all and I’ll try to write less next time. But if you know me, you know my love of writing gets out of hand sometimes. Until next time everyone!

♥ always,

Carra Skye

My brothers and I when I was very little