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“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” -Zig Ziglar

Everyone has goals, whether it’s something as simple as getting out of bed today or as big as visiting every country in the world. I am no exception to this and I’m sure you all know this. I have discussed my 30 before 30 list with you a few times so obviously I have goals. But why? Why do I have goals? Why did I create my 30 before 30 list? How did I come up with each of the 30 things?

I took to the internet to ask why we, as people, make goals. According to a Code of Living article, there are five reasons we make goals; they give us focus, allow us to measure progress, keep us undistracted, help us overcome procrastination, and give us motivation. Who wouldn’t want all of that? Though, I don’t know if having my goals keep me from procrastinating because I have several goals, big and small, and still procrastinate.

There is no answer on Google as to why I created my 30 before 30 list. I knew I wanted to put all of my goals in one place and I thought about ways I could do that. I had seen the typical bucket list but didn’t want to just do that. One day while scrolling through my bullet journaling groups, I stumbled upon a similar list. I was looking for bullet journal ideas and loved the idea. I started one for my 25th birthday. I was able to check off 15 of the 25 and decided to make a list for 26 before 26. I only managed to check off 8 on that list but decided to change it to a 30 before 30 list before my 26th birthday even rolled around. If you think about it, I’ve done 23 things that I’ve wanted to do in about a year, plus the 7 I’ve completed on my 30 before 30 list now. I’ll discuss below what those things are.

How did I come up with my 30 before 30 list? It took a few hours, it wasn’t something I did half-heartedly. I was very serious about it, I prayed about what I should put and really pondered for a long time. I wanted each item to reflect the person I wanted to be when I turned 30 rather than just a bunch of stuff that I thought was cute or fun or even easy. Some of the things on my list are harder than others, some may not even be fully accomplished and I understand that. Some things, like finding God again, were very personal and took a lot for me to actually write it out on paper.

I would encourage everyone to create their own ___ before ___ list. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 95, there is something you want to accomplish. I’ve even seen people do 19 before ’19 list (meaning 19 things to do before 2019). Just like bullet journaling, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Just do it!

Now, for my list of things I’ve completed;

  1. Learn to bake bread rolls
  2. Take more pictures
  3. Try something new with my hair
  4. Try  new makeup styles 
  5. Get rid of stuff I don’t need
  6. Go to bed earlier for a week
  7. Do something I’d never do
  8. Visit a random town in California
  9. Watch an older movie
  10. Find a form of exercise I enjoy
  11. Find a style that works for me and continue to add to it
  12. Buy and wear heels
  13. Send a letter to my old house
  14. Start a better relationship with my parents
  15. Do something for my in-laws
  16. Finish a 5K
  17. Get my food handlers card
  18. Go whale watching
  19. Make friends in L.A.
  20. Go on a girls-only trip
  21. Get a job I enjoy
  22. Do something that scares me
  23. Reach 200 members in Bullet Journaling California
  24. Do something that absolutely terrifies me
  25. Let love happen
  26. Get a cat or dog
  27. Find God again
  28. Learn some sign language
  29. Get in touch with old friends
  30. Follow Marie Kondo’s rules for tidying up

As always, thank you for visiting my blog and I hope this week is great for you. If you have done a list similar to this or want to share your goals and how or why you created them, comment below. Keep coming back for more like this.


“The space in which we live should be for the person we are becoming now, not for the person we were in the past.” -Marie Kondō

29920718_1802825500025840_1792278_nGood news everyone! I completed something on my 30 before 30 list! What did I complete? Marie Kondo‘s method of tidying up, aka “the Konmari Method.” It’s number 29 on my list and I am I’ve been wanting to do it for a while now.

First of all, you probably want to know what the Konmari method is and how I stumbled upon it. Here is an excerpt taken straight from the website: “The KonMari Method™ is a way of life and a state of mind that encourages cherishing the things that spark joy in people’s lives. Belongings are acknowledged for their service and thanked before being let go of, if they no longer spark joy. People are drawn to this philosophy not only due to its effectiveness, but also because it places great importance on being mindful, introspective, and optimistic.” So what you do is you go through everything (and I mean everything) you own, category by category, and touch each 30020583_1802825496692507_1848334969_nitem. It’s important to touch everything! If it brings you joy when you touch it, you keep it and if it doesn’t then you thank it and bid farewell. Marie Kondo’s method of organizing focuses on what we are keeping now what we need to get rid of.

I came across this method in a bullet journaling group I am in on Facebook. I don’t remember exactly which group it was but several people were discussing pages to create and keep track of their progress. Of course, all things organization interest me so I asked what it was all about. That’s when they referred me to her books, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. I immediately checked my library mobile app to see if they had the books and sure enough, they did. So I checked out the first one and from chapter one I was hooked. This was when I lived in a tiny 500 square-foot studio and most of our belongings were packed away in storage so I was unable to do the whole thing. Now that I have everything I own in one room, I decided it was time to get into it. And in the span of just a few hours, I was done.

30007435_1802825493359174_979829267_nSince my first encounter with the Konmari method, there have been more things happening for Marie Kondo. Just last year she released The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up. She saw how popular her book was, selling millions of copies world-wide, so she developed this book. There is also the mobile app. Unfortunately it is only for iPhone so I was unable to use it but I have heard great things about it. Now, just a couple of months ago, Marie Kondo announced that she is working on a reality show about the Konmari method. There is no release date or much of any information out there about it but it will be released on Netflix and the first season will have 8 episodes. I don’t know about you all, but I am super excited to see the show because I think this method is so healing, especially when you are going through a lot in your life.

I urge each of my readers to look more into the Konmari method and try it out. It helps to read the books first but it’s not required. I can garuntee that if you do this and complete it, your life will change. You will feel cleaner inside and out. Letting go of your physical clutter clears your mind, whether you realise it or not.

As always, I thank you for visiting my blog. If you have done or are in the process of doing the Konmari method, drop a comment below and tell us about your eaperience. Was it easy or hard for you? What category did you struggle with most? Did you learn anything about yourslef? I know I did!

“Love the life you have while you create the life of your dreams. Don’t think you have to choose one over the other.” -Hal Elrod

More and more people are reading self help books and there are millions to choose from. As most of my readers know I am into Bullet Journaling, see my post here. When I was brand new to the journey back in July 2016, I joined many Bullet Journal groups on Facebook to help me get inspiration for this new journey I was embarking on. Through these groups, I kept seeing pages they called Level 10 Life. I thought it was interesting and I finally decided last week that I wanted to know what it was and why everyone was doing it. I found out where it came from. A self help book, I wasn’t too thrilled. I didn’t want to read it, there’s nothing any book could tell me that I didn’t already here from other people in my life. I brushed it off. Well, curiosity got the best of me and I finally caved and checked the book out from my local library and I am so glad I did. You’re probably thinking “is she ever going to share what the book is called?” I know, I know, I just went on a little tangent and never told you what the book is called. Well, it’s called The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life Before 8AM by Hal Elrod. I started reading it a few days ago and I love it. I thought it was going to be like everything I’ve always heard but it’s not. The Miracle Morning is really life changing but I don’t want you to take it from me. There are thousands of videos from people who have improved their life by incorporating Hal’s morning routine into their day. You can find many of them here.

If you have read the book, please comment with how it have changed your life. I have only done it for a couple of days and exercise alone has made me feel like a better person. I, personally, get up at 4:30am, which is when my husband gets up to get ready for work, and I begin my day. I pray, exercise, and read. I’m trying to get each of Hal’s Life S.A.V.E.R.S. to work and I’m adding a little at a time, as to not overwhelm myself. From there I do homework and house cleaning. Since I have started this routine, I have been getting to sleep earlier, which was an issue for me. I am so glad I started this and I am grateful for all the people in all of the Bullet Journal groups who shared their experiences because if they hadn’t, I may not have ever had the pleasure of reading The Miracle Morning.



“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” -Steve Jobs

A few months ago I had posted about making a new blog. Well, that one failed and this one was still getting views while that one wasn’t. I am now back with this one. It feels more like home, anyway. I hope to post regularly but I will not promise anything. I am a pre-school teacher and a college student who is constantly busy. I want to share my life journey with you, however, so I am trying to make my blog a priority.

In the last couple of months, what have I been up to? Well, I got a job at a pre-school. I started the same day that the semester began for school. I don’t have my own classroom, I work with all of the teachers right now, but I hope to have one later. I absolutely love my job and I wouldn’t want any other job in the world right now. There is a plaque in the teacher’s break room that reads “I’m a teacher, what’s your super power.” I love this plaque and it is so true. Just like being a mom gives you “super powers,”  there is something magical and special about being a teacher. Sometimes teachers have so much to deal with but they keep going with a smile on their face and a pep in their step. Why? Because they love what they do. If you are a teacher and you don’t love what you do, perhaps you should reconsider your career choice. When you love what you blur-the-line-between-work-and-playthe children will see it, as well as feel it. They can tell when you don’t want to be there, they are often smarter than we give them credit for.

I have also started school, as I previously mentioned. I am taking two classes again this semester, math and child development. Until today, it has been very easy in both classes. Today I am to the point where I want to burn my math book and just walk away. But, I cannot do such, as I need math in order to get my degree. I have a whole year of math left, sadly. Also, my child development class is not very exciting. My teacher is…interesting. She requires you to read in the books, there are two books and one of them I do not have because I could not find it anywhere other than the school bookstore. I had emailed her about the matter before the semester began and she never got back to me. She lectures the entire time and it makes you want to fall into a deep slumber. She will ask a question, you will start to answer and then she will interrupt you in the middle of your thought and go onto something else. She has very…different views of so many things. For example, she has stated that she does not understand the “white peoples’ obsession with the American flag.” This definitely because as no less than shock to me co-worker, who is also taking the class, and I. Anyway, I am sure you can tell that I am not throughly enjoying either class at the moment. We actually have an exam in my child development class tomorrow, I have the class on Tuesday evenings only. I am not very excited about it but what can I do?

All else in life is going wonderfully. We are planning a Halloween party, which I’m sure I will post about at a later time, and just staying very busy. I hope you all enjoyed your Monday and have a fabulous Tuesday.

“God won’t give you more than you can bare. He might let you bend but he won’t let you break.” -Unknown

Almost two years ago, I received a letter in the mail from someone I admire very much. She wrote me often, it’s our favorite means of communication (other than in person) because we feel that snail mail is more personal than a text or email. Anyway, in this letter she included a short one-page story that she had written and dedicated to me. Upon reading it, I cried. I actually shared it with many people and also used it in a homework assignment last semester. I do not and will not ever take credit for it, it is completely hers. So, without further ado, here it is.

Once Upon a Time…

…There was born a little girl, with hair of while gold. She was a beloved and special child, even the daughter of the Lord of the Manor. Though his child was dearly beloved and cherished, the Lord, being extremely wise, chose not to provide her a privileged life of ease and plenty, least it should destroy her inner strength and beauty.

At birth, this little girl was placed in the temporary care of one who, herself, needed much care. This priceless little one was often neglected, forgotten, or even out of sight of her Father, the Lord of the Manor.As the years seemingly slowly crept by, the child, at times, was confused, as her true, inner child and sense of worth collided with the realities of her barren life, devoid of the proper care of one so highly valued. Her father watched and waited!

Early childhood passed by, and the little girl’s Father could see that His daughter was beginning to lose confidence in herself, and was about to forget whose child she really was. Realizing the need for a change, He stepped forward , and arranged for a new set of caretakers to fill the voids in her life. He now chose individuals who had matured, and had learned from their experiences. This couple knew that giving and receiving love, along with being connected with one’s true self, are, in deed, the most valuable attributes in this life, if one is to grow and “blossom.” Her Father watched, and waited!

And “blossomed” she did! The child had survived bare and infertile years, and yet, those years had not been unprofitable. She had moved on, not as a spoiled, pampered child of the Manor, but as a girl with “eyes wide open.” She had acquired the qualities of selflessness, resilience, gratitude, and appreciation for all and any food that came her way. Expecting little, she began to receive much!

The couple knew of her past experiences and, with all their hearts, built a loving and true home for the young, golden-haired girl. They were also quite wise, and sought from her Father’s advice, the wisdom to guide her through the years to come. They provided for all of her needs, and helped her to grow in light and knowledge. For the first time in her young life, she was living in a world compatible with her true identity and worth, and she soared. Just as her Father knew she would!

Then, many years later, the time came when this loving, caring couple, was needed by the Lord of the Manor, elsewhere. He knew that his precious daughter had matured enough to stand on her own with his grace, beauty, truth, and trusted friends at her side. She had weathered well her early years, and benefited. She had basked for a season in the glow of love, validation and learning, and benefitted.

Her Father, ever closer now, and as He reaffirmed the wisdom of His plan, He placed great confidence in her future.

He called her to ride, and go forth, fully prepared to help others to learn and to grow. This precious and beloved child had now become a custodial daughter of the Lord of the Manor, just as He knew she would.

-E. Drysdale

I hope you all enjoyed it. She is a great writer and I love the meaning behind this. It is about my troubled life as a very small girl and how I over came it with the help of my grandparents (whom I lived with for 10 years), who passed away when I was in high school. It was all hard on me but I what I have experienced has taught me so much and it’s all apart of who I am and who I will become.

Thank you for reading again today. If you have any inspiring stories, poems, or anything, I would love to help you share them to the world. Just comment below and let me know and I will get them from you and I will let you know how to get it to me.

Also, if you have a story that has inspired you, I would love to hear about it! Just comment and let me know.

“We don’t remember days, we remember moments.” -Cesare Pavese

I was at the child development center at my college this week doing observation hours for my class and I always come away from there with various things on my mind. You know, you can really learn a lot from interacting with children. They see a simpler life than we adults do. Sometimes I want to be a child again…it was so easy, so fun, so wonderful.

Today I want to talk about my childhood…the happy parts. I also ask that you share any memories or stories from your childhood with us in the comments.

canstock8800594     k14119234

Childhood seems like so long ago for me, I can honestly barely remember anything before third grade. I know, that’s terrible for someone in their twenties but there was a lot of traumatic experiences in my early childhood years and my brain blocked so much out. However, with what I do remember, I want to take you back to the mind of little me.

Before I was in Kindergarten, I remember getting up every weekday morning with my two brothers (on my mom’s side) and watching the Aladdin television show until their bus came. They would leave and I would go back to sleep. I also remember my oldest brother (of the 2) playing Barbies or house with me while the other brother wanted nothing to do with it because I was a girl and he didn’t play with girls. As I got older, he became more open to engaging in activities with me but it didn’t happen overnight. The older I got, the more I wanted to be apart of their stuff. I tried joining in wrestling with them, I tried playing with the bugs with them; anything and everything they did, I wanted to try as well.

After they went to live with their dad, my childhood was very different. I was an only child at the age of 6 and it was lonely. I managed to create my own imaginary friends so that I wouldn’t be so alone. They were always there with me, even when people told me they were childish. They were always there for me and even protected me sometimes. I really worked my imagination back then.

When I was seven, almost eight, my life changed agin and I went to live with my mom’s parents. I was still the only child but I began to make friends with people in the neighborhood and at school. I even started having friends over at the house…that is, until I started getting grounded because I was such a bratty child. I really feel sorry for how I acted as a child, my grandma didn’t deserve that and I wish I could apologize to her.

One of my fondest memories while I was living with my grandparents was one of the times I wasn’t grounded, of course. I had friends over and we decided to go exploring on the 1.5 acres that I lived on. We made it all the way to the back of the property and there was a little trailer back there. We decided to make that a little house and we began playing in it. Looking back, there were probably spiders and other creatures in it that would freak me out today but back then I wasn’t so fearful. I didn’t know that there were so many things in the world that could potentially kill you so I didn’t care that there were spiders crawling around. I guess my friends didn’t mind either.

Life changes as we get older and sometimes it’s really hard for children when so much change goes on. I know that all of the changes in my life really effected me and who I became. It wasn’t easy but it all became part of me. I learned from my experiences and I have memories of things that matter, to me. I remember favorite toys like Shelby (Furby’s cousin, shown below) , I remember favorite people (my friend Valerie), I remember my fifth grade teacher inspiring me to write. There are so many things that, if they hadn’t have happened, my life would be different. These things, these people, these memories, make me who I am and I definitely don’t want to be anyone else.

There are a lot of people that I have told about this toy but it seems like no one knows a bout it but me. This is Shelby, Furby’s cousin, and I had one similar to this. I actually wish I still had both my Furby and my Shelby but I don’t.
There are a lot of people who I have told about this toy but it seems like no one knows a bout it but me. This is Shelby, Furby’s cousin, and I had one similar to this. I actually wish I still had both my Furby and my Shelby but I don’t.

I hope this brought up some good memories from your childhood. Or even some from your children. Again, I would love to read about them in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for all of the support.