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“If it is to be, it is up to me.” -Anonymous

me.jpgHello readers! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I know I did. My spring break has ended and it’s back to school for me, and many others. Today I want to touch on a topic that I have been hesitant to bring up. Let me go refer you back to my 30 before 30 list (I do that a lot lately, I know).

As I mentioned, number 19 probably threw people for a loop. I’m a returned missionary, why should I need to “find God again?” Well, today I have decided to open my heart to you all. In turn, I hope you can open your hearts and minds, as well.

In 2014 I came home from my mission and went home to a new ward. A ward that I only went to I think twice? I didn’t feel at home. And then I moved in with Hector (see my Author intro for info on him) after Thanksgiving because I couldn’t stand being where I was any longer. I went to church maybe once or twice before we got married in May. I went from being Christ centered 24/7 to nothing just like that. I was part of the 50% of RMs that go inactive. I got a stern talking to before I left my mission from one of my ward mission leaders, “You better not become part of the 50% Sister Miller.” I thought about his words a lot at the beginning but they rang in my ears less and less over time.

mormonAfter Hector and I got married, we went to church a few times and then didn’t go anymore. Then the sisters started coming over and meeting with us, it was wonderful. I missed it, I truly did. And then sisters did a drop lesson because he wasn’t willing to progress. So we went to church less, once again. Then we moved to Studio City and I think we went a total of 5 times in the 2 years we were there.

Well, then I went to Missouri for a month and avoided going to church. I wanted to, I just didn’t feel right. Stupid, I know. I returned to L.A. for a month but didn’t attend church or anything. Then I had a traumatic experience occur and moved in with my best friend. I thought about going to church but felt so broken. I didn’t want to reach out to any one. I felt like a failure, though I know that’s not true.

Well, going to Time Out For Women changed something. I finally went to church a few weeks ago. It was like going home after being gone for so long. Everyone in my ward here is so loving. They are so understanding about my divorce, they all want to talk to me. I even had dinner at the bishop’s house tonight.

I am not perfect, I never claimed to be. I’m still learning and growing, as everyone should be. And I am going to church again. I’m done being broken and feeling alone. I finally found home after my mission, it just took me a long time. God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, and I need to remember that.

Also, I have City of Enoch to thank for keeping me going. I have been constantly listening to their album on Spotify and they lift me up when I’m down. I am proud to say that I am Mormon. It is part of me, it’s who I am. I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father and I needed to remember that.

I found an article from 2013 that I think everyone should read, it is a great read about how some returned missionaries go inactive. View it here. And listen to the songs below…actually, just listen to City of Enoch’s entire album, it’s great!

As always, thank you for visiting my blog. Please know that I am truly pouring my soul out in my blog posts, especially ones like this one. I am also here to listen to anything you all have to say. If you have anything you’d like to bring up, please comment below. I love hearing from you!


Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 10/14/13

Hey my wonderful friends and family. Boy has this week been crazy. My 9-day companion, Sister Rachel White, has loved living the missionary life. She has done so well and I know that she will be more prepared when she leaves for her mission, she’s going to Arizona but she doesn’t know when yet. She was supposed to leave in July (I think) but was in a serious car accident and she just got her medical clearance last week. She should be leaving within the month. And my companion that went home says she is doing well, which is great to hear. Everyone out her misses her, though, as she was greatly loved. People ask about her all the time.

So, Sister White and I have met some amazing people who have been prepared by the Lord. The first is Mr. Barns. He was a referral from like a year or two ago who was never visited by missionaries. He says he’s been interested in the church for like 40 years. His story is amazing! He owned a chain of self-service stations in Charlston and he had like 200 employees, most of whom were not good people. He was talking to one of the drivers who brings the gas about how he wished that he could find some good, honest help. Well, the driver was a member of the church and the driver referred Mr. Barns to the bishop to find some help. Well, he found good, honest people who were members of the church and he began hiring them at all of his stations. It’s amazing. That shows you that a seed you plant may take 40 years to be harvested. Just because you don’t see the result right away doesn’t mean anything! Oh! and we met Mr. Barns on Friday and he came to church. We didn’t even say anything about church, he asked us!

Another story is of Ashley, 9 yrs old, and Alyssa, 15 yrs old. We met this guy who was watching a USC (University of South Carolina for those of you from California) football game and we started talking to him. Well, he invited us to talk to his two daughters and we had a great lesson with them. We watched a Mormon Message with them called “Moments that Matter Most.” I will include the link. The girls love it. We are going back to talk to them tonight!

Our last miracle story is of Mr. Spears. His neighbor, Brandon told us that he could use our visit so we have been trying to see him for a few days but he hhadn’t been home. Well, we finally got him yesterday after church. He just recently found out that his mom has pancreatic cancer and they also found something in her chest. He has been having a hard time but he listed to us and we exchanged phone numbers and last night he texted us and this is what he said, “Thank you so much for your prayer this afternoon!! I feel blessed to have you come find me and look forward to meeting you again!!” We are also seeing him tonight!

As y’all can see, the Lord is hastening the work. So many people are being prepared! Please pray for the missionaries in your areas, by name, as well as those you know who are serving. Miracles are happening everyday, all around us. What miracle have you seen today?

Here’s the video: http://www.lds.org/pages/mormon-messages?lang=eng#moments-that-matter-most

I love y’all! I hope this week is great and that you are able to see how the Lord has worked in your life. Oh yeah! and I found out on Saturday that I will be training again! I’m gonna be a mom again!!! LOL Just so y’all know there is a family tree in missionary life. Here’s mine:
Sister Allen: My grandma (she’s home now)

Sister Browning: My Mommy (she leaves in about 6 weeks )


Sister Simmons: My daughter

Sister Stott: My granddaughter

And now I will have another daughter! On Wednesday!


Sister Carra Skye Miller

Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 10/8/13

Yes, I am emailing on a Tuesday because my “P-Day” was interrupted by some issues. And a lot has happened. So, my companion had to go home due to medical reasons so she left yesterday. I know it’s going to be ok and I wish her the best of her future. I am now with a temporary companion, a young sister in the ward here who is preparing to go on her mission in Arizona. She is super excited and her name is Sister Rachel White. I love having her as a companion, it’s GREAT!

Yesterday I was able to go to the zoo in Columbia, which was also great! Victoria, I am super behind on photos so I apologize to everyone for the lack of photos on Facebook but I can only send 3 pictures in an email so it takes a long time and I haven’t sent her any in over a month so…yeah.

Mission life is going great, the work was a little slow last week but it is still moving forward. I will be going to the transfer meeting on October 16 to meet my new companion, which will be exciting!

General Conference was wonderful. I will be including a link to watch it online for those of you who weren’t able to watch it. There were some great talks! Now, to wait patiently for the Ensign to come out so I can read them all.

I love you all! Have a great week! And those of you who have sent me a letter, I don’t have much time to write but I WILL reply to you 🙂


Sister Carra Skye Miller

Here is the link: http://www.lds.org/general-conference/sessions/2013/10?cid=HPFR100413105&lang=eng

This is my ET companion, Rachel. She is so awesome!
This is socking, I am afraid of birds. How did they get me to do this? Haha!
The Zoo with the Coordinating Sisters was awesome!

Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 9/30/13

Hello my wonderful friends and family! I hope everyone has had a great week, I have definitely had a better week this week than last week. And when I say week, it starts on Monday and ends on Sunday…not a regular calendar week.

So anyway, not much happened this week. We did have a crack in our winshield that we had to get fixed. That was fun…not really. The company came to our house and fixed it while we did weekly planning. Weekly planning is every Friday and we figure out what we will do the next week: who we will see, where we will go, what we will do, etc. It’s very time consuming but it must be done. I have grown to love it.

One things I did this week was give my first talk as a missionary. Every fifth Sunday is “missionary week” in the ward I am in and the missionaries speak. My topic was “testimony of Prayer and Fasting” and it was to be 5 minutes. That was fairly easy!

So…there are 2 things that I have found that I go through very quickly: stamps and post-it notes. So if anyone ever wants to send me anything, those tow things would be very helpful. It doesn’t matter the color, size, or shape of the post-it notes I just use a lot of them. And if you would also like to send me updated photos of you, that would be great as well! I love pictures and I love being able to brag on my friends and family.

Well, have a great week! Love y’all.


Sister Carra Skye Miller

The car that had the crack in the windshield.
The car that had the crack in the windshield.

Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 9/23/13

A few announcements to begin my email:
1. Yesterday was another friend’s Birthday. She is on her mission and she tured 21. Happy Birthday Yasmin! I hope you got my letter 🙂
2. Today is my grandma’s birthday, she would have been 76 today I think. And yes, I am wearing blue, as usual. It’s also my nephews birthday!
3. Tomorrow is Sister Terry’s 20th birthday!
4. There’s not much to report this week.

Now, to get into my email…So this week was interesting. It started out like any other week, P-Day ended and we set out to go to work. We visited a returning member who is preparing to go back to the temple, which was awesome. We also visited another in-active woman who lives way up in our area. It was late and slightly eery. Our GPS that we are borrowing took us on some back woods way home, which creeped us out. Then Tuesday we had Zone Conference, which was awesome. I felt very sick so I didn’t get too much out of it but it was still wonderful. At the meeting, our mission doctor was there and he intorduced a new book for missionaries called Adjusting to Mission Life. Love the book. Then I met with him and it turned out, I had the FLU! Yep, the Flu. It was awful! I wanted to just curl up in a ball and sleep. Sister Terry and I were confined to our apartment for FOUR DAYS! But the wonderful members of the ward brought us over movies and soup and juice! I say 17 Miracles for the first time, wonderful movie that made me cry. Sick and crying does not mix. Then I also watched The Testaments for the first time, also a wonderful movie! We tried so hard to find someone who has the Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration movie but no one had it…turns out, the elders serving in the same ward have it -_- I will watch it!

So that was our week! Not much to report on. Things in Lugoff, SC are fantastic! I love being a missionary! I hope y’all have a great week!


Sister Carra Skye Miller

These are all the movies that the ward members let us watch while we were stuck inside because I had the flu.
These are all the movies that the ward members let us watch while we were stuck inside because I had the flu.

Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 9/16/13

So this week has been insane. A lot happened yet I felt a little unproductive. But here is my week in Lugoff, SC:
First off, I want to announce that one of the ladies I had been teaching in Greer was baptized and confirmed over the weekend. Her name is Victoria and when I saw her name on the text messages that we receive every week, I about screamed. I was so excited!

Another thing that happened was I finished my journal, It is like super full of memories and things from my mission. I am so excited for my future children to read it. I mean I really think it will help them…one day. But I personally LOVE looking through it. It has 6 months of missionary work in it. There have been highs and lows, just as everyone has in life. I love this work so much!

Sister Terry has helped me be more goal oriented and organized and that is something we were working on this week. She has a chart system for goals and she got me to make one, which it is in my journal, and now I can look at the goals that I have for the, hopefully, 2 transfers I will be with her and it maps it out as to what I need to do every week then what I need to do every day to accomplish the weekly goals. It’s amazing. And she gave me a book holder thing to orgainze some of my books, which I may get another one this week because I just have that much stiff apparently.

Oh! Another thing that Sister Terry and I did all week was match. We wore yellow then green then red then pink then orange then purple….yeah, constanly matching. It’s kind of entertaining. The day we wore pink we were almost 100% matching, it was crazy!

So in my setting apart blessing, the night before I left for the MTC, something that was sad was that I will have good health and there will be no physical ailments. So, Sister Simmons pointed out that maybe that was said so that I could learn how to better take care of myself. Since I have been out here the last 6 months I have learned so much: 1) I am lactose-intolerant, which really bites! 2) I am flat-footed, So I have to have arch support inserts. 3) I now know how much water I need to drink every day because if I don’t drink enough water I can’t breath. 4) Juicing is healthy and wise! A lady in Greer got me into juicing and I am kind of sad that I can’t juice anymore because we don’t have a juicer. But when I get home I will resume juicing.
Well, I suppose that is all for this week. I love y’all! Have a great week and I’ll talk to you next week!

1 Nephi 3:7 “And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I awill go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no bcommandments unto the children of men, save he shall cprepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.”


Sister Carra Skye Miller

My first journal vs. my brand new journal!
My first journal vs. my brand new journal!

Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 9/9/13

Ok so as I had mentioned in my last email, I am no longer in Greer, SC. Sister Simmons Is now training someone there and I got the boot. But great news…. I’M WITH MY MTC COMPANION!!!! Yep, I am back with Sister Rebekah Terry. She’s 4’10” and from Brigham City, Utah. She is an amazing person and I love her. We are serving in a tiny town called Lugoff, SC which isn’t too far from Columbia. The weather is a little different here than in Greer as it doesn’t rain as much but that’s ok.

There’s not too much to report on this week so I will keep it short. That and I don’t have much time to be on the computer. Crazy as it is. The library here kicks you off after 30 minutes then you have to go on another computer. Kind of annoying. And we have to use the local laundry matt because we don’t have a washer and dryer. Sad day. Oh well….In other news….I love being a missionary. I couldn’t have asked for a better job

Well, gotta go. I love you all!


Sister Carra Skye Miller




Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 9/2/13

Guess what everybody! I am leaving Greer, SC tomorrow. I am sad as I have truly loved it here but I know that the Lord has work for me elsewhere. And my companion, Sister Simmons, will be staying here and she will be training. Yep, she gets a Greenie of her own. A greenie is a brand new missionary.
In other news, not much went on this week. The weather has been crazy. It will be hot and sunny one minutes and then all of the sudden open up and pour! It’s kind of fun though running in the rain.
Right now I am burning CDs so that I can have some of the CDs that Sister Simmons has. There is this one CD that is called Joseph A Nashville Tribute and it is amazing. Everyone should hear it. And yes, it is about Joseph Smith. There are 4 other CDs as well but I can’t think of what they are called.
There aren’t any funny stories this week. Oh wait…so that preacher I talked about last week….yeah…he turned out to be a creeper. Not gonna go into detail but we don’t think he was really a preacher. And he wanted to give us a hug. Thank goodness for the no hugging the opposite sex rule.
Ok, well today we went to a place called Holly Wild. Great place. If you are ever in SC you gotta see it. Look it up online too.
Welll, love ya tons! Everyone have a great week!

Sister Carra Skye Miller

This is us with Victoria and her sister at Hollywild.
This is us with Victoria and her sister at Hollywild.

Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 8/26/13

Hello everyone! How is everything going? I appreciate the replies from people. Still waiting to see if anyone has input on how to boost our Book of Mormon Class. Any ideas? Any at all? Corey, you are exempt from answering because you already replied to that.

So just so everyone knows, I do have a Facebook group you can join. My friend Victoria uploads pictures every so often so you can view them there. She also tags me in the ones I am in so you can see some on my Facebook I guess.
We taught a preacher last week and we have a return appointment with him. How awesome. And he’s not wanting to fight. You can usually tell when they just want to “Bible bash” with you. We are going over there tomorrow. He took a Book of Mormon and said he’s read it. I’ll let y’all know how that goes.

We have someone on date to be baptized, her name is Victoria. She’s super sweet! She just moved into her grandma’s house, who is a member of our church, and we met her and started teaching her. Her mom grew up in the church but stopped going for various reasons but that wont stop her. Her baptismal date is September 14….my cousin Christy’s birthday.

Funny story: We were out going door to door on a fairly cool day and we arrived at this house with a really pretty font yard. We walked up to the door and there was a dragonfly flying around us. Right as my companion, Sister Simmons, was going to knock on the door, the crazy dragonfly tries to fly up my nose. I know they don’t hurt but still, I don’t want it in my nose. Yuck!

Oh transfers are coming up. I don’t know what will happen but I have a pretty good idea. We are notified the Saturday before transfers if we are leaving so I will be able to let y’all know next Monday. If I leave I know I will miss Greer as I have really found my home here. There was a family that recently moved out of our ward a few weeks ago and I was so close to crying. I know that people move and that I will move but this sister, who is reading this right now, has been an amazing woman. I met her my first day here and she has been there with me until now. She moved to Utah so she and her family are far away now but I feel like my own family left because I felt very close to them. Since then iI’ve been trying to pick things back up but everytime I go into the apartment complex where they lived, I think about them….which is at least once a week.
I hope y’all have a lovely week and that everyone is enjoying life. For the days that seem tough remeber this: “feed your faith and your doubts witll starve to death.”


Sister Carra Skye Miller

Us with Victoria
Us with Victoria. Sorry it’s sideways lol.

Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 8/19/13

Every week I am adding new people to my email list, or so it seems. But I enjoy telling y’all about my week! And Hello to those that are just now getting my emails, if you want my previous emails I can send them as well, just let me know.

So I made a list of things I want to write about this week rather than just going on about my days. First things is the exchange we had. And exchange is when there are my companion and I are split with another companionship. Sister Simmons, my companion, was here in Greer with our Sister Training Leader Sister McHaley while I was in Spartenburg, SC with our other Sister Training Leader, Sister Stout. It was an awesome experience and I have learned so much from that. For example, I have learned to use the back of my planner as I am supposed to. Any RMs or current missionaries know the importance of a planner but I never really used the back of mine for my contacts. Now I do. Like my mission president, President Holm, always says “we are developing not developed.”

Also, I would like to ask all of you for advice on how my companion and I could boost our attendance at our Book of Mormon Class. Currently our average of attendees is….zero. Occationally we’ll have one person show up but that’s rare. We’ve been doing this for almost 18 weeks and nothing has changed. We don’t want to kill the class but we may have to if no one shows up. We’ve thought about putting it in the paper but that costs money. And we hand out flyers all the time. *sigh* We don’t know where to go with this.

Another thing I’ve been doing lately is looking at my family tree. It’s super exciting. For anyone who would like to learn more about their geneology I encourage you to visit familysearch.org because it is amazing. I have discovered one of my lines to go back all the way to 31B.C. How cool is that? And I have found that their is tond of royalty in my family as well. My ancestors are from: England, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Scotland, Ireland, and a few other places. And that’s just on my mom’s dad’s side of the family. I have 3 other lines to go back to! Again, I encourage all of you to check it out. Who knows, we could be related. And if you aren’t sure how to get started, visit your nearest family history center. I know there’s one at the church on Sierra Ave. It’s completely free too!!

I have a question for everyone as well, does mail still run on Saturdays? I was told that it would stop running on Saturdays in August and I wasn’t sure if it was true or not.

The weather here is wonderful, as people were asking about it. It has been an unusually cool August, which I LOVE! It rains all the time, which I also LOVE. I wish it rained half as much as it does here in Fresno. Maybe then it wouldn’t be so hot there. I was told it’s been pretty much in the 100’s all summer.

I also want to wish everyone good luck this semester/year in school because I know school is starting back up. A piece of me misses school, partially because my English is failing me, but the rest of me is kinda glad I’m not going to school right now. I’m sure everyone will do great!


I hope everyone has a great week this week. And please, feel free to ask any questions about my mission, I’d love to answer them!


Sister Carra Skye Miller

Me showing my SC pride 🙂