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“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” -Zig Ziglar

After much consideration, I decided to make a 26 before 26 list. With help from my friend Jewel and my husband, I put together a list of 26 things I want to get done in the next year. If you read my post about 25 before 25 post, then you saw that I 16930552_10208900352046276_313945688_owas unable to complete it and you might be wondering why I would do another one. Well, one thing is for sure; I am definitely giving myself more than just a couple months this time so there is a better chance of me completing all 26 items. I’m determined to do it this time! I even added pictures to represent them to my vision board, to learn more about that, click here. Here is my 26 before 26 list:

  1. Finish a 5K Checked box symbol
  2. Run a 5K (because it’s different than just finishing one)
  3. Finish Harry Potter 1-7 (I’m still on book 5)
  4. Finish the first draft of my Work in Progress
  5. Host a themed dinner party
  6. Throw myself a fabulous birthday party
  7. Get my food handlers card Checked box symbol
  8. Go whale watching Checked box symbol
  9. Blog at least weekly
  10. Read 26 books
  11. Make friends in L.A. Checked box symbol
  12. Go on a girls-only trip Checked box symbol
  13. Take a cooking class
  14. Start a YouTube channel with Jewel
  15. Get a job I enjoy Checked box symbol
  16. Go white water rafting
  17. Make a music video
  18. Lose 20 pounds
  19. Learn to do winged eyeliner
  20. Get a calling in the church
  21. Visit 3 temples I’ve never been to (Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and San Diego are my goals)
  22. Buy and decorate a house
  23. Reach level 10 life
  24. Do something that scares me Checked box symbol
  25. Be positive for a week
  26. Reach 200 members in Bullet Journaling California Checked box symbol


I am very optimistic about this list and I know that I can do it. And to help you know that you can do it too, go watch this video on YouTube from the Steve Harvey Show. Please share with us what you are hoping to accomplish before your next birthday. As always, thank you for reading. If you want to enjoy more content from me, follow my blog.

“You’re different. I like it.” -The Corpse Bride

Today I want to talk to you about an activity that my best friend and I have embarked on. First, I want to ask you all a question, though. Have you seen The Corpse Bride? It’s a Tim Burton movie and I’m not going to tell you about the movie but it’s pretty awesome. My post will get into why this is important but if you have then just think about Emily, the bride (the dead one, not the live one).

Next month, my best friend (Redheaded Owl) , her boyfriend, my husband and I are all going to the Labyrinth Masquerade Ball in Los Angeles, California. It is required that you either A) dress in costume or B) dress in formal wear. Of course, we decide that we will be in costume. It’s kind of like cosplaying, which I have never done. Nevertheless, I love dressing up in costume, which is why Halloween is my number one favorite holiday. Redheaded owl decided pretty quickly that she was going to dress as a fairy. I thought about doing the same thing because I have most of what is needed for a fairy costume. Then, I really thought about it and decided to ask if it would fit with the theme to be something dead (I am usually something dead). She got super excited and was eager to help me find a costume. Well, I reminded her that I still had my old thrift store wedding dress (I thought about wearing it for my actual wedding but found a better one I absolutely loved) that was only $26. We thought for a second about what we could do with it and quickly decided that it would be a perfect Corpse Bride costume, after we made a few adjustments to it. Well, with about a month left until the ball, we decided to start on those adjustments.

corpse bride underworld

It’s not too much of an activity but in a way it is. We started working on it. It took a lot of time, though. And we haven’t gotten very far, yet. Really, we just cut up the dress and added some of the blue. We still need to finish the blue, get some blueish tights and add white paint to make bones (using a stencil of sorts) then get another pair and make them for my arms. We also need to get the blueish body paint, a wig, and make the little maggot. Oh, we need to make the flower crown and veil as well, which we bought the stuff already we just need to put it together.

Here are some of the things I just mentioned, if you are thinking of making your own Emily costume:

Maggot       ///        Wig       ///         Makeup Tutorial      ///     Blue flowers

Also, here is the dress… (it is an A-line Jasmine dress that I found at Goodwill):



Also, here are two images I found on Google to help you see other people cosplaying Emily…



I will have to post again after the Masquerade Ball with how I look. I hope it turns out well! I still have so much work to do on my dress so here is to hoping!