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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing” -Walt Disney

Last time I posted about how we decided on when we were going to go to Walt Disney World. It was a hard decision but it was made. Our next step was to plan out what we needed to do before then. Today I will talk about what we did next: pick the hotel.

Before we could book our package, we needed to decided which resort we would stay at. You don’t have to stay on site but it comes with extra perks and we figured we’d do as much as possible because who knows if we’d be able to travel to Disney World again.

Walt Disney World website Q&A gives you a list of all of the resorts currently up and running at Disney world. There are four categories to choose from; value resorts, moderate resorts, deluxe resorts, and deluxe villas. Here is the list on their page:

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort
Disney’s All-Star Music Resort
Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort
Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
Disney’s Pop Century Resort
The Campsites at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort
Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort
Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter
Disney’s Port Orleans Resort – Riverside
The Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge
Disney’s Beach Club Resort
Disney’s BoardWalk Inn
Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Deluxe Villas:
Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Jambo House
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas – Kidani Village
Disney’s Beach Club Villas
Disney’s BoardWalk Villas
Disney’s Old Key West Resort
Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows
Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa
The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa
The Villas at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

We wanted to stay at a really nice hotel, we actually had our eyes on the Caribbean Beach resort and a couple others but we didn’t have a large budget for lodging so we decided to pick a value resort. We aren’t big sports fans, so the All-Star Sports resort was ruled out pretty quickly. The Pop Century resort was more pricy than the rest so we ruled that one out as well. We knew we wouldn’t have any room for a tent or any other camping gear, though it sounded cool, we ruled out the Wilderness Campsite. That left us with All-Star Music or All-Star Movies. We finally decided we loved the options in All-Star Movies so we went with it.

One perk of staying on site is you get free parking at all parks and resorts. You can go to any resort and walk around, eat at their restaurants, and just enjoy the scenery. We ate at the Polynesian Village Resort, the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Contemporary Resort, and the Grand Floridian Resort. Each one has something amazing to offer! You can, honestly, visit every resort on site if you have time. If you stay at one of the All-Star resorts, they’re all right next to each other so you can walk through all three of them at the same time.

I know not everyone will be able to, or even want to, stay on site. It can add a lot more to the cost of your trip. There are many other hotels in the area but I don’t know much about them. Shannon on WDW Prep School talks about staying on site vs off-site. I believe she and her co-workers have done both. I know she’s stayed in every resort at one point or another so if you want first hand experience for each resort, her website is the best place to go.

As for my experience with All-Star Movies, it was great. Mouse Keeping (the maid service at Disney are called Mouse Keeping) was wonderful and always brought us fresh towels, gave us extra blankets because I was sick and cold, and when we saw them around the resort, they were all very kind. Please don’t forget to tip them a few dollars every day.

There is a cafeteria in All-Star Movies, a pool, really cool movie decorations, a nice shop with Disney merchandise, and so much more.

I’ve added pictures from our trip of different resorts we visited, I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for reading and I hope you find the resort that is the perfect fit for you.

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“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse.” -Walt Disney

In this section, as you can guess from the section title, I will be discussing what I did to plan for our honeymoon/first anniversary trip to Orlando, Florida. We went to Walt Disney World, all four parks, and to Universal Orlando, both parks. I will let you know now that I did get a lot of my information, before our trip, from a blog that is THE BEST blog I’ve read on Walt Disney trips. The woman who runs the blog is Shannon and her blog is WDW Prep School. If you haven’t checked her blog out, you should. She has more information that I would ever be able to give you because, after all, it’s her JOB and I’ve only ever been once. So, with that said, I will mostly be giving you first hand experience and my thoughts. Everyone has their own ideas of what is good and what should be skipped so I want to provide you with things that, perhaps, others didn’t think of. I do hope I am able to help you prepare more for your trip. Stay tuned for trip information!

“Love is a song that never dies” -Bambi

May 23, 2015 was a day I will never in a million years forget. I know that there are people who are less fortunate and are unable to marry their love for one reason or another but thankfully I was able to. There were some bad moments but it’s to be expected. I would never think that it would go over smoothly and perfectly but I did all I could to make it go as close to perfect as I could. I want to share with you, from my point of view, what I remember going perfect and what I remember/know of turning into a disaster.

Good things:

  1. The decorations were beautiful and it all came together
  2. The weather was beautiful!
  3. The Bridesmaid’s dresses all matched in color, which I was slightly afraid they wouldn’t
  4. My dress was such a dream
  5. My makeup and hair couldn’t have been more beautiful
  6. Food was wonderful
  7. The cake was stunning
  8. People got up and danced!
  9. We started on time!!

Bad things:

  1. The live stream failed
  2. The dinner was late
  3. We didn’t get to do the memorial dance
  4. We didn’t get all of the photos we wanted
  5. Some people trashed out ceremony decorations while we were inside enjoying the reception
  6. Most, if not all, of my family left early (unavoidable, so I understand, but still lame)
  7. Some of the sound on the video recording was off
  8. Over half of the people didn’t come
  9. Dyed my hair 4 days before the wedding and it wasn’t the color it was supposed to be

There are more things to add to each part but I don’t want to list everything…But I do want to list things that I wish I had done:

  1. Spent more on a videographer and photographer, I love what we got but we could have gotten more
  2. Waited a little longer so we could have had more money to spend on more stuff
  3. Had more time to plan a bridal party dance, we wanted to do a dance to Thriller but we were unable to because of time restraints and conflicting schedules
  4. Had a timeline, I ran out of time and didn’t make a timeline at al…
  5. Had a photo booth
  6. Paid for a wedding planner/day-of coordinator

I could probably think of more things but it is done and over with, the day will never come again. I am happy to be married to my wonderful husband and maybe one day we will do a vow renewal but I know it will be smaller and a lot more planned out than this was. I was very unexperienced with weddings, as the only other wedding in the family was my cousin who is quite a bit older than me and I had nothing to do with the planning because I was only a kid.

If you are planning a wedding, please do your research. Also, feel free to ask me any questions. Here are a few pictures I will share with you from our day.

1 24 29 130 196 214 284 341

Thank you to all who were there are supported me in my planning. A big thank you to my Maid of Honor, Michaela, I would have been a wreck without her and my wonderful bridesmaids. I love them!

Also, Here is our “first dance” song: What are Words -The Piano Guys. When we heard this song, we knew it was “the one.” Hope you enjoy it.