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“If it is to be, it is up to me.” -Anonymous

me.jpgHello readers! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I know I did. My spring break has ended and it’s back to school for me, and many others. Today I want to touch on a topic that I have been hesitant to bring up. Let me go refer you back to my 30 before 30 list (I do that a lot lately, I know).

As I mentioned, number 19 probably threw people for a loop. I’m a returned missionary, why should I need to “find God again?” Well, today I have decided to open my heart to you all. In turn, I hope you can open your hearts and minds, as well.

In 2014 I came home from my mission and went home to a new ward. A ward that I only went to I think twice? I didn’t feel at home. And then I moved in with Hector (see my Author intro for info on him) after Thanksgiving because I couldn’t stand being where I was any longer. I went to church maybe once or twice before we got married in May. I went from being Christ centered 24/7 to nothing just like that. I was part of the 50% of RMs that go inactive. I got a stern talking to before I left my mission from one of my ward mission leaders, “You better not become part of the 50% Sister Miller.” I thought about his words a lot at the beginning but they rang in my ears less and less over time.

mormonAfter Hector and I got married, we went to church a few times and then didn’t go anymore. Then the sisters started coming over and meeting with us, it was wonderful. I missed it, I truly did. And then sisters did a drop lesson because he wasn’t willing to progress. So we went to church less, once again. Then we moved to Studio City and I think we went a total of 5 times in the 2 years we were there.

Well, then I went to Missouri for a month and avoided going to church. I wanted to, I just didn’t feel right. Stupid, I know. I returned to L.A. for a month but didn’t attend church or anything. Then I had a traumatic experience occur and moved in with my best friend. I thought about going to church but felt so broken. I didn’t want to reach out to any one. I felt like a failure, though I know that’s not true.

Well, going to Time Out For Women changed something. I finally went to church a few weeks ago. It was like going home after being gone for so long. Everyone in my ward here is so loving. They are so understanding about my divorce, they all want to talk to me. I even had dinner at the bishop’s house tonight.

I am not perfect, I never claimed to be. I’m still learning and growing, as everyone should be. And I am going to church again. I’m done being broken and feeling alone. I finally found home after my mission, it just took me a long time. God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, and I need to remember that.

Also, I have City of Enoch to thank for keeping me going. I have been constantly listening to their album on Spotify and they lift me up when I’m down. I am proud to say that I am Mormon. It is part of me, it’s who I am. I am a daughter of a Heavenly Father and I needed to remember that.

I found an article from 2013 that I think everyone should read, it is a great read about how some returned missionaries go inactive. View it here. And listen to the songs below…actually, just listen to City of Enoch’s entire album, it’s great!

As always, thank you for visiting my blog. Please know that I am truly pouring my soul out in my blog posts, especially ones like this one. I am also here to listen to anything you all have to say. If you have anything you’d like to bring up, please comment below. I love hearing from you!

“How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?” -Satchel Paige

groundhog          Hello dear readers. First of all, happy Groundhog day. If you didn’t hear the outcome, check out this link. I’m not here to post about that though so don’t get your hopes too high.

Today I am actually talking about my 25 before 25 list that I made towards the end of last year. I gave myself about 2 or so months to complete this list and I was very eager to do so. I got the idea from other bullet journalists in the Facebook groups I’m in (Boho Berry TribeArtsy Bullet Journal JunkiesBullet Journal SocietyBullet Journal NewbiesBullet Journal BeginnersBuJo SpreadsLDS Bullet Journal, and Minimalist Bullet Journals). I then posted my pages in my bullet journal group, Bullet Journaling California and got a lot of positive feedback and I even inspire others to do it too. Here is a picture of my list:


If you are unable to read what my list says, here it is:

  1. Finish reading Harry Potter 1-7
  2. Re-read the Book of Mormon
  3. Learn to bake bread rolls Checked box symbol
  4. Write letters often
  5. Take more pictures Checked box symbol
  6. Leave inspiring notes in random places
  7. Try something new with my hair Checked box symbol
  8. Try  new makeup styles Checked box symbol
  9. Learn a new skill
  10. Get rid of stuff I don’t need Checked box symbol
  11. Make a budget and stick to it
  12. Go to bed earlier for a week Checked box symbol
  13. Do something I’d never do Checked box symbol
  14. Visit a random town in California Checked box symbol
  15. Watch an older movie (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) Checked box symbol
  16. Find a form of exercise I enjoy Checked box symbol
  17. Find a style that works for me and continue to add to it Checked box symbol
  18. Buy and wear heels Checked box symbol
  19. Send a letter to my old house Checked box symbol
  20. Start a better relationship with my parents Checked box symbol
  21. Do something special for someone
  22. Start a savings plan for the year
  23. Do something for my in-laws Checked box symbol
  24. Be positive for a week
  25. Learn to love myself

Am I disappointed in myself that I didn’t complete all 25, sure. But I know that I can do better when I give myself more time. Which is why I am going to make a 30 before 30 list. It gives me 5 years to do complete a list of awesome stuff! I want to add some stuff from my bucket list on this one though, because I have more time. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to drop a comment below.

Have you ever tried something like this? How did it turn out? Do you have any pictures to share?

As always, thank you for reading and have a great day!

Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 8/26/13

Hello everyone! How is everything going? I appreciate the replies from people. Still waiting to see if anyone has input on how to boost our Book of Mormon Class. Any ideas? Any at all? Corey, you are exempt from answering because you already replied to that.

So just so everyone knows, I do have a Facebook group you can join. My friend Victoria uploads pictures every so often so you can view them there. She also tags me in the ones I am in so you can see some on my Facebook I guess.
We taught a preacher last week and we have a return appointment with him. How awesome. And he’s not wanting to fight. You can usually tell when they just want to “Bible bash” with you. We are going over there tomorrow. He took a Book of Mormon and said he’s read it. I’ll let y’all know how that goes.

We have someone on date to be baptized, her name is Victoria. She’s super sweet! She just moved into her grandma’s house, who is a member of our church, and we met her and started teaching her. Her mom grew up in the church but stopped going for various reasons but that wont stop her. Her baptismal date is September 14….my cousin Christy’s birthday.

Funny story: We were out going door to door on a fairly cool day and we arrived at this house with a really pretty font yard. We walked up to the door and there was a dragonfly flying around us. Right as my companion, Sister Simmons, was going to knock on the door, the crazy dragonfly tries to fly up my nose. I know they don’t hurt but still, I don’t want it in my nose. Yuck!

Oh transfers are coming up. I don’t know what will happen but I have a pretty good idea. We are notified the Saturday before transfers if we are leaving so I will be able to let y’all know next Monday. If I leave I know I will miss Greer as I have really found my home here. There was a family that recently moved out of our ward a few weeks ago and I was so close to crying. I know that people move and that I will move but this sister, who is reading this right now, has been an amazing woman. I met her my first day here and she has been there with me until now. She moved to Utah so she and her family are far away now but I feel like my own family left because I felt very close to them. Since then iI’ve been trying to pick things back up but everytime I go into the apartment complex where they lived, I think about them….which is at least once a week.
I hope y’all have a lovely week and that everyone is enjoying life. For the days that seem tough remeber this: “feed your faith and your doubts witll starve to death.”


Sister Carra Skye Miller

Us with Victoria
Us with Victoria. Sorry it’s sideways lol.

Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 8/12/13

This week there’s not too much to report. It has been a busy day, though.

Monday our phone FINALLY came….at 7:00pm -_- We weren’t too happy about it but at least it came. Plus the UPS guys was quite nice and he had a lond day of deliveries, he still had like 5 more stops to make unitl he could be done. Crazy, right? It’s supposed to close at 7:00pm. Then we headed over to Sprint to switch it over….Sprint closes at 7:00pm as well. So we went over to a members house to switch it over the phone, which didn’t work out because we didn’t know the pin for the account. So the next morning we went to Sprint right after study time and tried to figure it out. We were there for almost an hour because we needed the account name and after guess after guess it was finally figured out. Then we still needed the pin, which we thought we had but it just HAPPENED

sorry, didn’t mean to send that. But the pin was wrong. Then we had interviews, which were AWESOME! Gotta love meeting one-on-one with President Holm. I wish you could all meet him and his wife. Ayway, after interviews, which were in Boiling Springs, we drove around, following the directions of the GPS, to where Sprint stores USED to be. The closest one that hasn’t closed down yet was back in Greer. We drove around for 2 hours looking and found nothing so we headed back to the church for the meeting we had with a big group of missionaries (all the missionaries in the stake). That was great. Then a member took us out to ice cream at Brusters. And yes, I am loctose but my wonderful companion is as well and she has pills! FYI, I found out I was lactose about 2 months ago. It was a sad day. Anyway….the rest of the week went over quite smoothly. Now we are at another P-day. So that’s this week in a nut-shell.

So, for those of you who were wondering, I can receive packages and I would love anything you send. But please make sure it is priority mail (from the post office) and not UPS. If it UPS it will sit in the mission office for who knows how long. They will not forward any packages that are not sent from priority. That is all. And yes, I know I’ve talked about it before. Just letting everyone know/reminding y’all. And I would love letters from anyone. I can read them any day of the week. Emails are only Monday. Just another reminder.

Ok, later! Have a great week! And be good!


Sister Carra Skye Miller

This is the new and old phone....what a pain!
This is the new and old phone….what a pain!

Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 8/5/13

Hello everyone. I know this email is going out later than usual but my companion and I were confined to our house all morning waiting for UPS because we are having problems with our phone and the mission office ordered us a new one and if we don’t receive it from UPS today, they will send it back. So we have someone waiting outside our apartment for UPS while we use a little time to email. I appologize for not replying to anyone individually but I am in a hurry today so this email is basically it.

Now, this week has been another great week. It has, however, gone by rather slow. And a briliant friend of mine who is reading this email once said that time goes by easier when you have someone on date to be baptized. And Taylor, you were right! It does go by a lot smoother when we are preparing someone for baptism but sadly, none of out investigators (people learning about the church) are progressing (meaning they are not keeping commitments to do what we ask them to do).

This week I have been struggling with a bit of home sickness but I assume that is because 1) I feel like people back home are forgetting about me and 2) things have been really slow. I hope to shake these feelings this week. Last week was also a sad week because someone who I met my first night here, Sister Dawn Bolick (now McEwen because she is married) moved away and it kind of felt like more of my family was moving away. It kind of broke my heart. It was really sad to drive by her apartment and know that she’s not there. But I know that things will be better for her in Utah and it’s a lot closer to California so I can so see her. Maybe I can be there for when her daughter Mariska gets baptized, she’s like 5 right now I think. Also, Vivian moved. She got baptized then moved out of our area so we can’t visit her. But she is still coming to church so that’s wonderful!

Oh! My companion, Sister Simmons, received a Birthday package from her family and her family sent me a mini Preach My Gospel, which is pretty much what missionaries live by and members should read. The mini one will help a lot when we go to meeting and things.

I also found out last week more about my family history. I went on familysearch.org and guess what! I have German, Hungarian, Romanian, English (there’s a English Knight even), and who knows what else! Crazy!!! And there are apparently many members in my family that I don’t know about because there is tample work that is reserved, meaning they someone will be baptized for them and seal them to their families so they can be together for eternity.

Oh and by the way, anyone can send me a letter or package at any time of the week. And if you send a package, send it from the US Post office, priority mail. If you don’t I will get it but it could be months from now. but my address is as follows:

Sister Carra Skye Miller
South Carolina Columbia Mission
110 Oak Park Dr. Ste. B
Irmo, SC 29063

Here’s a cute poem we were told yesterday at church:
The first time you notice me you’ll have to admit
I have an outside hard as grit.
No amount of force or pressure
Can make me change to seomthing better.
But if by a gentle flame I’m basted,
I’ll change to the best popcorn you’ve ever tasted,
Some people are like popcorn too…
With an outside shell that’s hard to get through.
But if you take the time to CARE,
you’ll discover the potential hidden there.
Through unselfish service you can help other grow,
By taking the time to lete your sweet love show.

Now, I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I love all of you and thank you so much for all of the support.


Sister Carra Skye Miller

PS: If anyone wants to email me that you know, give them my email. Thanks! Or my address

“Don’t count your days—make your days count.” Elder Jay Jensen

Hey y’all! I have been home from my mission for over a month and I am going to now be posting my mission updates for all to read. They don’t start from the beginning because I didn’t do them at the beginning so….they will be funny, sad, upsetting, and joyous at different times. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya. And I hope you are ready for a ton of mission talk 🙂 I loved the 18 months I was gone and I wouldn’t trade those 18 months for anything in the world…no amount of money could’ve convinced me to not go. I was called by God and that was who I did it for. Because I love Him, I put everything on hold for 18 months.

Enjoy your reading! And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask at any time. I can get you answers. If I can’t I know who do. I will help you any way that I can.


“Always turn a negative situation into a positive situation.” -Michael Jordan

So, this weekend was busy! Since I leave on Wedenesday, March 6, I had so much to do! Saturday was my “farewell” party/ get together plus my best friend of 14 years, her name is Yasmin, got her mission call and had her get together to open it right after. And Sunday (today) I went to church. Tomorrow I am going to clean someone’s house for a little extra money and then Tuesday I get set apart as a Full-time missionary!

My farewell party was a….failure. LOL. I invited like everyone I knew, except my own family because they are not being supportive. Only five people showed up (plus the 3 people who lived in that house). Don’t get me wrong, it was still awesome, but I had hoped that more people would have been there.

From left to right: Michaela, Me, and Victoria. At the Farewell Party/
From left to right: Michaela, Me, and Victoria. At the Farewell Party/

My friend Yasmin’s mission letter opening party was great! There were a ton of people there that I hadn’t seen in FOREVER. A couple of them I hadn’t seen for over 4 years. I was wonderful! She was called to the Pennsylvania Philadelphia Mission and she reports to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) on June 12, 2013. She is so excited and watching her open her letter made me realize that I was leaving for my mission in a matter of days! It’s crazy. But I was so happy to be there for her. And she won’t be too far from me!

So church was great but another one of my best friends of 14 years, David, made me a little sad because he said that today could be the last time we see each other for a few years because when I get home from my mission he will be away at BYU Provo. This saddened me because he has always been a rock in my life and now we are growing up and moving on in life.

Tomorrow, I will finish packing and make sure I have everything I need. Tuesday, I will be a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (if you have questions about the church please refer to my blog post titled


I wish all of you a wonderful night! May you find peace in your heart as you slumber and arise refreshed and able to work in the morning. I love you all! ♥

Missionary: Someone who leaves their family for two years (or for women 18 months) so others can be with theirs for eternity ♥


I’LL BE IN THE MTC SOON, IF ANYONE WANTS MY ADDRESS GO TO MY FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/groups/157628894389195/

“And I give unto you a commandment that you shall teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom.” D&C 88:77


Ok, I know this is my third post of the day but I think this one goes hand-in-hand with my last post. I’m posting up a second challenge! This one isn’t for the Book of Mormon though, this is for the Doctrine and Covenants(D&C)! Let’s see who can read that in 31 days, we’ll see who is up for the challenge. It seems like when people think of LDS scripture they focus on the Book of Mormon (whence the nickname Mormons) and focus less on D&C or Pearl of Great Price. All scriptures are important, including the Holy Bible. We use The King James Version, by the way. Anyway, I’ll give you guys the schedule for reading the Doctrine and Covenants in 31 days.

Here is the Daily Routine:

  1. D&C 1-6
  2. D&C 7-10
  3. D&C 11-18
  4. D&C 19-20
  5. D&C 21-28
  6. D&C 29-33
  7. D&C 34-39
  8. D&C 40-43
  9. D&C 44-46
  10. D&C 47-51
  11. D&C 42-58
  12. D&C 59-62
  13. D&C 63-66
  14. D&C 67-72
  15. D&C 73-76
  16. D&C 77-82
  17. D&C 83-84
  18. D&C 85-88
  19. D&C 89-92
  20. D&C 93-97
  21. D&C 98-101
  22. D&C 102-104
  23. D&C 105-107
  24. D&C 108-110
  25. D&C 11-115
  26. D&C 116-123
  27. D&C 124-125
  28. D&C 126-129
  29. D&C 130-133
  30. D&C 134-136
  31. D&C 137-138

And there you go, done in 31 days. Good luck to everyone! I know you can do it. I’m not challenging you to memorize every chapter just to read it. And when you do, you will love it! I hope everyone at least atempts it, you never know what you can do when you set your mind to something 🙂

“There is a power in the Book of Mormon which will begin to flow into your lives the moment you begin a serious study of the book. You will find greater power to resist temptation” -Ezra Taft Benson

bomOk, this is more for my Latter-Day Saint followers. I challenge you to read the Book of Mormon with me in 31 days. I know it can be done! I’m posting the daily schedule on here so you can follow along. Imagine reading it in 31 days every couple of months. You can start on the first of a month and then be done on the thirty-first. It is definitely a testimony builder! Good luck to all of you willing to accept my challenge!

Here is the daily routine:

  1. 1 Nephi 1-10
  2. 1 Nephi 11-16
  3. 1 Nephi 17-22
  4. 2 Nephi 1-7
  5. 2 Nephi 8-17
  6. 2 Nephi 18-26
  7. 2 Nephi 27-Jacob 2
  8. Jacob 3-Jarom 1
  9. Omni 1-Mosiah 4
  10. Mosiah 5-13
  11. Mosiah 14-22
  12. Mosiah 23-29
  13. Alma 1-6
  14. Alma 7-12
  15. Alma 13-19
  16. Alma 20-27
  17. Alma 28-33
  18. Alma 34-41
  19. Alma 42-47
  20. Alma 48-53
  21. Alma 54-60
  22. Alma 61-Helaman 5
  23. Helaman 6-11
  24. Helaman12- 3 Nephi 3
  25. 3 Nephi 4-11
  26. 3 Nephi 12-19
  27. 3 Nephi 20-29
  28. 3 Nephi 30-Mormon 7
  29. Mormon 8-Ether 6
  30. Ether 7-14
  31. Ether 15-Moroni 10

Good luck! And just think of the many blessings that will come with reading the book, whether it be for the first time or if you’re reading it again. Each time you’ll receive great blessings.

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Aristotle

“The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.” 
-Paulo Coelho

“Why is patience so important?” “Because it makes us pay attention.” 
-Paulo Coelho

Whoever Paulo Coelho is, he was correct. This has been such a hard week. Actually since the day I turned in my mission papers my patience has been on end. I know that it will come and I’ll be going on my mission before I know it but with each passing day I get kind of sad knowing that it’s not here yet. I turned in my papers in November and it’s now almost February. I thought I’d get my letter before my birthday and I’m really hoping that I do seeing as my birthday is in a week and two days. This wait is killing me. And the thing that makes it worse is certain people keep saying that I won’t get it and if I do they’re gonna hide it so I can’t go. And they keep telling me that I can do  more important things with the money I have saved for my mission. I don’t want to do anything else with my money and I know that I’m going on a mission. It’s what I’m meant to do. I know it and my Heavenly Father knows it. That’s all that’s really important. At least I know I do have support in other places. So many people at church are there, hoping I get my call soon. They are just as excited as me! One of them is like a second grandmother to me. She has been there for everything, even my high school graduation! I love her and her husband so much and when I go to the temple, she will be there with me and nothing makes me happier. She is one woman who has made me who I am today and I wouldn’t have made it this far without her. It also makes me so happy that so many people are making guesses as to where I’m going. I have a thing going on that whoever is correct will get yummy cookies baked by me. I have so many guesses to places all over the world from Washington to Korea. Hmm…well, the day will soon come where I will be sitting in my cousin’s living room surrounded by a few of my awesome friends and family to open my letter and find out when and where I’m going. Perhaps that day will be tomorrow? We never know. Anyone here wanna guess as to where I’m going?

Well if any of my readers want to know more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints you can visit LDS.org or Mormon.org and you can visit my profile on Mormon.org here: http://mormon.org/me/4WPY

If you wanna make a guess on here where you think I’m going you can do so in the comments. Thanks for reading my blog everyone. Seeing how many people come here to read what I’m posting makes me feel so….important 🙂 thank you. It’s a pretty good day when 9 people view my blog and I want to thank all of my friends who support me with everything I do, you know who you are and I love you!