“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ―Maya Angelou

Hello readers! Today will be a little different. I am in a fiction writing class this semester and one of our assignments is to write a short 5-page scene. I want to share with you what I have so far. I want to know what my readers think about what it is. What grade would you give me? What advice do you have to offer to make my story better? Just as a note, my teacher wanted us to base our story off of real life people. Also, he said that there doesn’t need to be a beginning, middle, and end so don’t fret about that, either. I look forward to reading your comments below.

Accidents Happen

             I still remember the day that I found out that my best friend and her daughter were hit by a car. I remember it like it was yesterday. The memories haunt me every day; I always think about how one small thing could have changed everything, either for the good or for the bad. The memories always start off ok, always starting with the moments before I even knew what had happened.

“Community College has so many class options but not enough online, I just need a few more classes and I could graduate in a year. Too bad a lot of the ones I have left are either hybrid or face-to-face classes, huh?” I said to my brindle colored pug, Ramsey, as I was looking at what classes I wanted to, or at least could, take in the spring. He had just jumped up in my lap and settled there all comfortable and ready for a nap.

I had just moved 4 hours away from the college I was attending and I was taking as many online courses as I could before I had to transfer, in the summer, to the local college by my new home in the big city. “Maybe I’ll call Misha and she can give me some guidance, since she has a degree. Or she could at least listen to me go on and on about how annoying it is that I can’t take in-person courses and finish my degree on time.” Ramsey barked as if to say that my idea was a great one. Honestly, when is it every a bad idea to talk to your best friend about your life decisions?

I settled down on my fluffy couch, wrapped in my fresh out of the dryer blanket, with my computer, open to the list of web only course options on Web advisor, in front of me then picked up my phone to dial Misha’s number. My registration date was fast approaching and I needed to figure this all out fast. The phone rang several times, then, right before the last ring, a soft voice could be heard on the other line. I was so glad to have someone to talk to, other than Ramsey. Don’t get me wrong, he was a great listener, but sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone who can respond back with words instead of just kisses and barks.

“Hey best friend!” I was super excited to talk about school, especially since it was what we were talking about the day before. “This is Lidia, Misha’s mom, she and Colleen were hit by a car this morning while they were walking to daycare.” The phone slipped out of my hand with a crash, onto the floor. I was trembling and tears began to stream down my pale face.. Ramsey began barking wildly, as he knew something was wrong, and began nudging my messy blond hair from the couch. It took me all but several seconds to realize Misha’s mom was calmly calling for me through the phone, I heard my name being said several times before it actually registered in my brain. Finally I came-to and picked the phone back up off the ground. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” I was at a loss for words. Was my best friend of eleven years gone? And her little one-year-old daughter; was she gone as well? I needed answers; I needed to be there. Why was I still sitting on the couch in my little 500 square foot apartment, almost four hours away? I had a car; I had the ability to travel from my apartment to the hospital where she was, hopefully still alive. I hadn’t ever done it before because my husband was always the one driving but I needed to be there to see Misha for myself. I had to know that she was still here, I couldn’t lose her. Not this way. I couldn’t lose another loved one. I especially couldn’t lose another loved one due to reckless drivers. Would God take away everyone I cared about in the same way? How could this have happened, again?

My thoughts were almost drowning out what Misha’s mom was saying to me over the phone. My thoughts had slowed down enough to understand when Lidia had said “Misha is ok, she’s awake. She has multiple broken bones and swelling but she’ll be alright. She’s the one who told me to answer your call. She must have a specific ringtone for you because she knew it was you calling right away.” There was a small sigh of relief amidst all of my sniffling and tears. She also informed me of Colleen’s condition “Colleen is fine, there are no broken bones and she should, hopefully, be discharged later in the day.” The more words I caught, the less frantic I was feeling. By the end of our conversation, which was rather short, my tears weren’t flowing as heavily but I still wasn’t able to settle down.

I paced the studio apartment several times before deciding to log onto Facebook and write something about how I was feeling. I didn’t think Misha wanted everyone to know just yet, or ever, so I simply made a vague post stating that a close friend and her daughter were hit by a car and that they needed prayers and thoughts of healing. Not too obvious but anyone who knew Misha would know it was her, I was sure of it. Not too long after hitting the “post” button did two other friends, Mary and Melody, know exactly who it was and Melody quickly sent me the official article that was posted, hours ago, about the accident. I hadn’t even thought to see if there was already anything in the news. I pushed my glasses up the bridge of my nose and began reading. According to the news report, both Misha and Colleen were in critical care and fighting for their lives. Even though I knew this to be false, and that they were both ok, it had me freaking out all over again. I read on, though, wanting more information. I found a couple of other articles on Facebook along with a few photos. They all stated different excuses for why the driver hit Misha. “I bet he was texting and made a whole slew of excuses as to not get in trouble.” I said, angrily, to Ramsey. I kept reading the article over and over, thinking I had missed something. “The driver was a nineteen year old girl who had friends in the car. The driver didn’t see the woman crossing in the cross walk but the passengers all saw her and tried to warn the driver when it was too late. The driver didn’t even stop until her windshield was broken from the impact of the child’s body.” I kept imagining little Colleen’s body, smashing into the window then rolling to the ground. I didn’t want to read any more of what was said but I couldn’t help it. It was drawing me to it. And seeing those pictures. One of them was actually of Misha lying in the road, bloody and broken, underneath the car. Another photo showed the medical personal putting Colleen in the ambulance.

I then began reading the comments. “She deserved to be hit, she’s a horrible mother.” “She obviously didn’t love her child if she put her in that much danger.” “She doesn’t deserve to be a mother.” I was furious with every comment I read. My face was getting hot, I felt the world getting darker and the sounds of the big city were growing farther away. They had no idea what the situation was or what kind of mother she was. How could they be so harsh without having all of the facts or without knowing what kind of person she truly is? No one deserves what happened to Misha, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, not even my worst enemy. She was the best mom I knew, she was my best friend. I kept thinking, “I can’t lose her, I just can’t lose my best friend. I still need her in my life. She doesn’t deserve to die. She needs to be here for her daughter.”

I finally realized I was blacking out, as I was standing for a long time with my knees locked and hadn’t had a lot to drink. I quickly headed for the bed, where I had a collage of photos, several with Misha in them. I zoned out while staring at them, replaying the memories in my head. “What if memories are all I have left?” I stared at the pictures of us so happy. There we were on the school bus, her red hair was flowing because all of the windows were down. Another one of us, my favorite, was taken outside the theater while we were in line waiting for the premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. We had just graduated a couple months before that, and Misha still had short hair from when she donated it all to Locks of Love. I still had braces and my hair was dark from when I decided to dye it brown. The most recent picture was taken when Misha spent a week with us over the summer. We did so much in that week; we took the metro for the first time, I got my first real sunburn from our time at the beach, we went to an AMC movie theater where they have reclining chairs instead of the uncomfortable ones we usually sat in. The picture was from our time on the Metro, Misha was making an “Oh my gosh, we’re going to get lost on this thing!” kind of face and I was just reading the maps to figure out where we were and where we needed to be. I didn’t want to scare her but we really could be lost already and we had only left ten minutes ago.

I was deep in thought when the sound of the door shutting made me jump. My husband, Philip, was home and he sat next to me as I burst into tears again, explaining exactly what had happened and how I was feeling. He just held me as I sobbed in his arms. My best friend was, according to the articles, near death and I wasn’t there. She could be dead by now. I would hope that someone would have contacted me but I knew that there would be so many other things to worry about. “Tara, how about we take a walk. Maybe get some fresh air. I think getting out of the house would do some good for your mind.”

I agreed on taking a walk so I slowly got up and got dressed. I felt so depressed and like a horrible friend for not rushing to Misha’s side. However, driving that far alone for the first time and in this weather in my state of mind would not have been the best idea. Melody was the one who pointed out how stupid it would be. “We don’t need another person in the hospital.” She was right, I needed to wait. Philip and I would just drive up there after he got off of work on Friday afternoon and head that way. I needed patience. All I could do was pray that she and Colleen would heal and that they would be ok in the end. I knew it would be, Misha was a strong woman, as was Colleen. They had wonderful people to be there for them and the support of many more.

As always, thank you for coming to my blog. I hope you have a great day!

EDIT (Feb 8, 2017): I am posting my classmates’ comments below.


47 thoughts on ““There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ―Maya Angelou

  1. When I first began reading this story, my first thought was “Oh gosh, please let them be okay!” I was hooked from the beginning and believed the events of the rest of the story as well. I can relate to being completely helpless when someone you love is hurting, and that stayed with me throughout the story.

    I believe the narrator’s actions were genuine and true. It isn’t exactly reasonable to drive that far, when you know someone is keeping you informed on the situation. It shows that the narrator is concerned for her friend, but is smart about her life choices. What behavior stood out to me the most, however, was when the narrator was talking to Ramsey. I admittedly chuckled at the thought of the narrator talking to her dog in the apartment because it is something that I also do. Dogs are best friends and sometimes they are the best and easiest to talk to.

    The narrator cared a lot for her friend and her friend’s daughter, and what I really want to know after reading this story, is are they okay and how are they doing? I want to know more about the accident. Overall, the characters seemed consistent throughout the story.

    The point of view seemed pretty consistent throughout the story. I could differentiate between the introduction and the flashback of the events. I appreciate that because sometimes, instances like this can get confusing and readers are left wondering whether the story is in the flashback stage or in the present.

    Although readers were limited quite a bit to just the narrator, I believe readers got a lot of insight on her. We learned that she loves her friend and her education, but even through difficult times she can make smart decisions.

    One image that resonated with me was the comments on the news story about how Misha was a bad mother. It kind of infuriated me because it was in no way her fault. I remember reading the comments on a story where a parent accidentally ran over a child in the driveway. They were calling the parent a horrible person and saying they were unfit to be a parent. It’s hard to control a tiny person running all over the place. Accidents do happen, some are just more tragic than others. The other image, which I mentioned above, was how the narrator talked to her dog. I believe that it was very cute and relatable because who doesn’t talk to their animals?

    Overall, I felt a lot of emotions while reading this story and thought it was well written. I maybe would have liked to see more on how Misha and Colleen were doing after the accident, but I also know we couldn’t write ten page stories.

    1. I agree with your take on the point of view on the story, Kayla. This point of view can be limiting, but in this story it wasn’t. The point of view of this story was utilized well. The writer uses the dog Ramsey to communicate the her feelings. Plus, the articles were also a tool to express how the main character felt about the accident.

  2. This short story was very interesting. I liked how the author developed the narrator at the beginning of the story because the author showed how the online classes made her long for a conversation with her best friend, Misha. The fact that she was only taking online classes to pursue her aspirations added emphasis to the narrator’s loneliness.

    I like how the author shows how the news of Misha being hospitalized impacts the narrator to the point where she no longer cares about which classes she will be taking the following semester because this reveals that the narrator adores and cherishes Misha. Although the narrator broke down and balled her eyes out, the author could make the bond between these two characters stronger and more intimate by showing the reader how Misha plays an important role in the narrator’s life. The author could reveal some already established memories by giving examples of how they came to be best friends. Since the narrator is reminiscing, the author can show how Misha was always there for the narrator in the past, or the author can show how they grew up together, or the author can talk about some memories that fill the narrator with vaunting joy, or the narrator can even talk about some times where the characters disagreed and fought yet made up and remained friends.

    I like how the narrator was in disbelief and became paralyzed for a moment when Misha’s mother told her about the accident, for the news had hit her hard and almost made her faint. I think it would be interesting if the narrator would explore the sensation of almost passing out. For instance, the author can talk about how her body felt when the room began to darken, or the author can discuss the room temperature.

    I enjoyed reading this short story because I can relate to this story. And, in my communication class, I found that an audience is captivated by a speech or story that is relatable.

    1. The writer does a great job a putting an emphasis on the online classes but then abandoning that subject when she hears the news about Misha from Misha’s mother. The way we get to see how Tara reacts shows us how strong their bond is. Some flash backs of their memories together would paint a stronger picture of their friendship. I also felt that I could relate to this story and it was a very interesting story to follow.

    2. I too believe the author did a good job at developing the narrator at the beginning of the story. If a story is going to be in first-person, it is important to develop the narrator well without stating facts about the character. We truly felt the emotions of the character and how she was dealing with what she was going through.

    3. Hey Alejandro, I also liked the idea of the classes being important to her and then when she learns the news of Misha and Colleen, it didn’t seem to matter to her anymore. I felt too that the narrator should have given us more details on her relationship with Misha and Colleen, other than just saying they were best friends, I would have preferred some memories of their friendship. Anything would have been suitable as she stated she knew her best friend for eleven years, I would have liked some more story behind their relationship.

  3. I do believe the events that are being portrayed, the tone that the character had was very true to that of a person in her situation. Another reason why it seemed believable is because we often feel guilty when we move away and are not at home for important things, whether they are good or bad. It is also unheard of that people get hit by cars and survive, it is unfortunately something that we hear about on the news very often.

    The decisions that the character made was completely believable. Her desire to instantly get into her car and drive to the hospital was one that I am sure anyone in her position would have. Most of us would want to be there for someone that we love when they are hurt. Her behavior that seemed particularly resonant was when she instantly went to the worst situation possible, her friends’ death, and convinced herself that it was true. I feel as though I would jump to the same conclusion. I actually feel as though I jumped to that conclusion along with the character, I instantly assumed that her friend had died and felt sorry for her and for the situation. Her behavior seems to represent that she is an emotional and loving person that really cares about her close relationships.

    There are no inconsistencies with the character or the point of view, however I would like to know what role her husband plays in her relationship with people back home. He seemed very aloof to me considering her best friend had just been hit by a car, which makes me interested in his character and their relationship. We definitely get enough about the viewpoint that the character has, I was able to feel some of the stress and sorrow of something terrible happening to someone that I love. The motif that was particularly vivid in this story was the point where she stared at pictures of her friend. Pictures from a happier time, a life before something terrible happened to her best friend, gave me a very distinctly sad feeling.

    1. Though I would have liked to see more of the husband’s interactions within the story, it seemed appropriate for him to be standoffish yet supportive. He didn’t appear to have much of a connection with his wife’s friend, but he still cared because his wife cared about her, and his wife was hurting over it. A lack of direct interaction can be quite appropriate under these circumstances.

    2. I think it would be a nice twist if the husband was the one who hit the narrator’s best friend. And, the author could give subtle hints that the husband was responsible for her friend’s injuries.

    3. I actually disagree with you about the characters reaction. I didn’t understand why she was jumping to conclusions about her friend being dead when her mother had just told her she was going to be fine and obviously was able to recognize the ringtone to tell the mother to answer. I thought that was one of the inconsistencies about the story that stuck out to me. If she had not spoken to the mother I would have believed her reaction just was left confused as to why she thought the mother would have mislead her.

  4. In Carra Moreno’s short story “Accidents Happen” we are introduced to a young woman named Tara. She has moved four hours away from home to the big city. Her best friend is back home and she is excited to talk to her about the upcoming semester and how she only wants to take online classes. Tara then finds out through Misha’s mother that she has been hit by a car and that she is in critical condition but she’ll be alright and as for her one year old daughter who had also been hit by the car was doing better and was set to be released that same night. The story is told from Tara’s point of view. There is great examples of images that are particularly vivid.

    Situation: The events that are being portrayed are tragic ones that occur to often due to reckless driving. The short story is about how Tara is reacting to the bad news of her best friend and her daughter being hit by a car. She is emotional as she is crying as she gets the news. Tara takes the news so badly that she starts feeling like she’s going to black out. Once Misha’s mom tells Tara that she is going to be alright she starts to relax because she knows her best friend and her daughter are going to be alright. When events such as this happen and they end up on Facebook there are sometimes people who got pictures of the event and post them to Facebook. I have read the Facebook comments of new articles when something like this happens and its usually even between people saying hurtful things towards the suspect and the victim.

    Tara is in such shock that she is willing to take the four hour trip to the hospital just to be next to her best friend in this time of need. However she knows that driving in the current weather and in her current state of mind, it wouldn’t be much of a great idea. She is very emotional and the short story does a great job of allowing us to feel these emotions. Tara really cares about her best friend and is relieved to find out that she is alright. She knows she can wait till her husband gets home to take the drive together.

    What I’m left wondering is what happens to Misha and her daughter Colleen. Does Misha recover from her broken bones and her swelling.

    The point of view is Tara from the beginning of excitement over her doing online classes for a school that she is four hours away to the moment she hears the tragic news from Misha’s mother and finally from hearing that her best friend is alive and is going to be alright. It gives us the feel of experiencing a tragic moment from long distance.

    The image that sticks out the most to me is when the driver didn’t stop until the body of Colleen smashed the drivers windshield. Also how she reacts when getting the tragic news we can sense the feeling of anxiety taking over Tara.

    I enjoyed reading this story, it kept me wanting to read more of it.

    1. Hello Marcos, I also was wondering and curious about the fate of both Misha and Colleen. What happened to the both of them? Were they eventually both better and completely healed? Did they lose their lives or did they suffer some setbacks? I wanted more to the ending but it did feel somewhat satisfying the way the story came to a close. Her being four hours away and not being able to do anything about her best friend is very tragic and heartbreaking.

  5. Perhaps one of the best elements of this story is its believability. Though we get only a little bit of interaction between the narrator and the other characters within the story, her thoughts, feelings, and actions felt vivid and realistic. Due to the situation, she was hysteric with worry, fright, and a mix of other emotions. Not only did the narrator feel and act realistic, but other elements of the story did as well. The way that the media said one thing to sensationalize the story while reality was something completely different, and the way that there were commentors that showed no compassion whatsoever, going so far as to attack the victims themselves.

    As the story unfolds, it is clear that the narrator and her friends have strong emotional ties with one another and act on those emotions easily. The narrator is very thoughtful and compassionate, to the point of not thinking things through. One gripe I do have though is that the narrator didn’t call Misha’s cell phone again after seeing the news reports. In her state, she would have definitely been ecstatic enough to get spooked by those lies, and a simple call wouldn’t have caused anyone any harm, but it’s a minor issue.

    While the story is quite centered and has a good base to work up from, it would be nice to see it begin that process. Perhaps if the story were restructured to extend over a longer period of time, it could have shown more of the narrator’s depth and her connection with Misha. The flashbacks did a good job of connecting the two characters, but face to face interaction would have given the reader much more, especially if it gave the reader a sense of Misha’s emotions after the accident. Another aspect that could be added through an extension of the stories chronological presentation would be interaction between friends and family, as well as the media. Seeing the interactions between a disgruntled narrator and some media flunky’s trying to get an interview would have been a nice way to show how protective and angry the narrator could be.

    The most vivid image is of the initial moment that the narrator heard of the accident over the phone. I can just imagine the phone dropping in slow motion as the narrator begins to hear nothing but a high pitched ringing, tuning everything around her out, as her dog silently barks in the background. Overall, the author did a very good job of telling the kind of story she set out to write.

    1. Good insight! I agree about the phone call because that was something that I didn’t understand either. If she called and the mom answered once why wouldn’t she just call back to get an update? The media does not always have proper facts and often over exaggerates for headlines so why not get the info straight from the source?

    2. I felt if the character was distraught then she would stay distraught. Why would it make sense to go reading the police report online seeing pictures that appear worse than the actual accident upsetting herself more with the more she read when she had already been clearly advised by the mother of the victim the situation was not as bad as it first appeared as both the mom and daughter had minor injuries.

    3. I agree about the believably of the story being one of the best aspects. I feel that it was relatable, I always seem to jump to the absolute worst conclusions when something bad happens to someone that I really care about. It seems so natural.

  6. In “Accidents Happen” the first-person narrator has recently moved four hours away from the place that she has called home. The narrator calls her best friend on another matter only to find out that she and her daughter have been involved in an auto-pedestrian accident. Although she is assured that her best friend and daughter will recover, she is not entirely convinced and continues to experience guilt for the fact that she is not by her best friend’s side.

    Here are some things to consider:

    Preannouncing the ending. The academic essays that we write for English and other classes are predicated upon clear and highly directive thesis statements. Those thesis statements announce to the reader what the essay will prove and are, as a result, a statement of the essay’s conclusion. Stories don’t work in that way; they unfold and allow the reader to infer and interpret, trusting the reader to do the heavy-lifting of making thematic conclusions. This scene, rather than beginning with the narrator-as-storyteller’s comment, could simply begin with a phone call, one from Misha’s mother, rather than one that the narrator initiates for another reason.

    The narrator’s backstory of accidents and tragedy. Early in the scene, the narrator refers to her prior history (“I couldn’t lose another loved one. I especially couldn’t lose another loved one due to reckless drivers. Would God take away everyone I cared about in the same way? How could this have happened, again?”). This is provocative material and begs for further explanation and detail. I realize that these events are not part of the scene in this present moment; however, in a longer story, we would demand to know what these prior events were and how they fit with the overall conflict for the narrator (next bullet).

    The conflict for the narrator. One of the basic questions we always ask about stories is this: Who and what is the story about? In this case, Misha’s accident occupies the foreground of the narrator’s thoughts, but that’s actually not the answer to the question. Instead, we have to understand that the scene is about (1) the narrator in her newly adopted life and (2) about her sense of guilt for leaving and forgetting. Misha and her accident act as triggers for these elements, but they are not what the scene/story is about. In many respects, this is something of a “delayed-initiation” story; the narrator has taken steps (getting married, moving away) to separate herself from her life as a child. There is an irony here, however. I get the sense that the narrator’s separation is a kind of continuation of childhood, only in another form: she has separated herself from the environment in which she has lost others (loved ones, family members) and has used that separation as a defense against those memories. She is also using that separation and her unwillingness to drive home to further that defense. But now, in the wake of the news of Misha’s accident is she discovering the true costs of that separation and obliviousness to her memories.

    1. I also felt there were occurrences of details that needed more explanation or to be diverted into a more vague expression, such as the worry of losing another person to reckless driving. In a sense, it distracts the reader and gains a curiosity for events outside of the story, rather than bringing them in to what is happening presently. As well, the sense of irony in the narrator and Misha’s relationship left me to question why she didn’t go to her, especially if she was feeling so distraught over the accident.

  7. I found this scene to be very believable. I could easily feel the panic and fear in the main character as she found out about her best friend and best friend’s daughter. I know if I got word of my best friend who lives 4 hours away from me I wouldn’t be able to form a coherent thought and I would probably also have a million thoughts racing through my mind as well. You could really grab a good sense of what kind of person the main character is as she’s reading through the Facebook comments from people who only had an inkling of what actually happened to the best friend and her daughter ad growing angry as she sees the nasty words people are saying about her best friend. She’s a true friend and she considers Misha to be like family to her, which is exactly how I feel about my own best friend. If I were to see people talking badly about her without having all their facts straight I would be extremely upset and would have wanted to give them all a piece of my mind.

    There were no inconsistencies in the story and I felt like there was a perfect amount of viewing the character’s inner thoughts. She was very descriptive in her relationship with her best friend and even shared memories from the past, which shows us how close the two friends are. I am curious to know if Misha and Colleen ended up okay afterall. I’d like to think that they both made complete recoveries and Tara was able to see her best friend.

    The memories she thought back to while looking through old photos was especially vivid to me. I could envision two best friends smiling and laughing together as they pose for the pictures and it made me think of pictures and memories I have with my own best friend.

  8. The events portrayed in this story are very believable. Every day, numerous pedestrians are hit by cars in accidents that could have been prevented. Once informed of these events, friends and family have their worlds turned upside down and have to cope with the accident. For Tara, dealing with this accident is more difficult since she is not able to instantly be by her best friend’s side. Overall, this is a very believable situation.

    The characters in this story make very realistic decisions. Tara starts out as someone needing advice from her best friend. Once she hears the news, she is beyond worried and starts to overthink everything occurring and becomes obsessed with the thought of losing her best friend and not being able to be there for her in Misha’s greatest time of need. Misha’s mother makes a realistic decision by telling Tara not to drive 4 hours just to sit in a crowded hospital. Tara’s husband also makes a realistic decision when he asks Tara to go on a walk to clear her mind after her long day. Tara’s behavior after finding out about the accident really stuck out to me. It shows that she really is a caring person and that her best friend means the world to her. There are no additional details that the readers need to know, and nothing seems inconsistent in the characters.

    The point of view is consistent throughout. We see the story through Tara’s eyes for the entire story. We do see enough of her consciousness.

    Motif: The description of the articles and pictures Tara found online regarding the accident was vivid to me. For some reason, I could clearly imagine the pictures and what the articles were describing as I read this paragraph.

    1. I agree with almost everything you written. I do believe that there are additional questions that need answers. For example, who are the loved ones Tara’s already lost? Why were people saying Misha is a bad mother? Just to name a few. So I do believe there were a few questions left unanswered. besides that, I do agree that Tara describing the pictures and articles was a defining moment out of this story for me as well.

  9. The situation in the story, “Accidents happen” were believable. The story is of a young woman who just moved away from her friends, suddenly finding out her best friend has been in an accident with her young daughter. It then takes us through her mind as she considers all the worst possible scenarios of losing her friend. I do believe the decisions that she makes regarding reminiscing over the old photos and investigating the situation.

    One moment that seems most resonant to me was when she broke down bawling when her husband first gets home. The very words just leaving her mouth just cause her to break down. I felt that showed how vulnerable the character was at that moment. I also thought that the character was over dramatic and irrational which makes sense considering the news she just heard.

    There were a few things I was confused about. Why didn’t she believe the friends mother when she said she was going to be fine? Why would people say the friend was an unfit mother? Also there was mention of losing other people in similar situation but doesn’t say who or how.

    The point of view did stay consistent and the writer does a good job of explaining how the character is feeling or what she was thinking. I thought there should have been more emotion coming form the mother when she answered the phone to even out the erratic emotion coming from the main character. I think that would have justified her frantic thoughts even after hearing that her friend was going to be fine. Other than that the writer did a good job of setting a scene so I could visualize the surroundings.

    1. I also thought the conversation between the mother and main character was a bit confusing only because of their different reactions. And I was also curious about the other loved ones she’d mentioned losing as well.

  10. Situation: Yes the events are very believable and happen all the time.

    Characterization: The decisions that the characters make are believable as well. Being worried about college classes, talking to her dog, and worrying about her best friend, just to name a few, are all things that everyone and anyone can do. The way Tara seems extremely worried and terrified is what sticks out to me. She truly is in horror over what she found out about her best friend. I would like to know why the people online were telling Misha such terrible things and calling her a bad mother. Do they know her personally and what she’s done in the past? Or are they simply going based off of this one incident? Why is Tara scared to drive alone? Was she in a car accident before and it scarred her? Has she ever driven before? Another question I had was who is Melody? I’m assuming she is Misha’s mom.

    Point of view: The viewpoint is consistent and we do get enough of Tara’s feelings and consciousness.

    Motif: The image that stuck with me was when Tara was describing the pictures and articles she read and saw and how she described Misha’s body “bloody and broken, underneath the car”. That gave me the image to know just how bad the situation was for all of them.

    Overall, I enjoyed this story and can’t wait to see how it plays out.

  11. I really enjoyed reading this story. It was very dramatic and told a compelling story of a woman that may lose her best friend, her contemplating different ideas of how she could have prevented the accident from happening makes the events seem much more realistic.

    I feel that the decisions the character made after hearing the news about her best friend was very real, it is something that can stun us and cause a true panic. However, I feel as if I were Tara in this instance, I would have rushed to the hospital as soon as I possibly could. I think the reading and viewing of the news story of her friend that was hit was a little unbelievable, I wanted much more of a reason as to why she didn’t just go to the hospital herself. Maybe it IS just in her personality, she did seem to panic and that is something that we all do, we don’t know how to comprehend things that shock us in that very moment.

    I really would like to know if Misha and Colleen were ok in the end of this story. It had me on the edge of my seat and I really wondered if her best friend made it out alive. Everything that Tara did throughout this story DID seem consistent in all regards.

    The point of view is consistent. It is told in a first person perspective and it works very well. I like that we get the view point of Tara, her crisis and she handles this situation. We did get a very clear representation of her consciousness and her thoughts while this was all happening to her. The images that stand out to me is when Tara reads the comments and the criticisms that the public gave Misha for being a bad mother. I got a real sense of what that looked like. The frustration was there, I could imagine Tara completely at a loss for words as people scrutinized somebody that had just been involved in a horrible accident.

    1. I agree with most of what you have said. However, I do believe that it is very realistic that Tara did not rush to the hospital to see her friend. Since Tara lived four hours away, it would be a long drive to get to the hospital. Since she is not a trained medical professional, to our knowledge, she would not really be any help to those at the hospital. Had she lived closer, it would make sense for her to go straight to the hospital, but since she is so far away and her friend’s mother told her not to come, it makes her choice to stay at home very realistic.

  12. In “Accidents Happen” by Carra Moreno, a college student discovers that her best friend Misha and her daughter Colleen were in an accident. The two are hit by a car while crossing the street. Throughout the story the college student named Tara, frantically worries about her best friend and her daughter. She is upset that she is not at the hospital with her best friend, who is in critical condition. In the end, Tara’s husband comes home from work and consoles her.

    Yes, the decisions made by Tara are believable. They are believable because the author writes in a cause and effect style. For instance, Tara will feel a certain way then complete an action based on those feelings. Moreno writes, “by the end of our conversation, which was rather short, my tears weren’t flowing as heavily but I still wasn’t able to settle down (3)”. In this quotation, Moreno is explaining how the character feels; later, we can see an action produced by her inability to “settle down.” Moreno writes, “I paced the studio apartment several times before deciding to log onto Facebook and write something about how I was Feeling.” Her action of posting a Facebook status is promoted by her inability to “settle down.” The cause and effect style makes the actions of the main character believable.

    Tara’s frantic behaviors seemed to be resonant. She repeatedly showed frantic behavior after receiving startling news or new information. For example, she drops the phone when Misha’s mom tells her that Misha was hit by a car. The story says, “the phone slipped out of my hand… I was trembling and tears began to stream down my pale face (2).” Immediately after receiving the news that Mish and her daughter were involved in an accident, Tara breaks down and drops the phone. This behavior occurs a second time when Tara reads the articles online. Moreno writes, “even though I knew this to be false and they were both ok, it had me freaking out all over again” (3). Regardless of the knowledge of Misha and Colleen’s stable condition, Tara is overwhelmed once again after she reads the articles. It happens a third time when Tara reads comments. The comments said that Misha is a bad mom, so Tara becomes very angry. “I was furious with every comment I read. My face was getting read hot… (4).” Although less worrisome toward these comments Tara continues to have an immediate and unprocessed reaction to the comments as well. It is resonant that Tara reacts hurriedly and wildly to any news received about the accident.

    This frantic behavior tells the reader that she is a worrisome person, who does not process shocking news well. Tara’s behavior also shows her need for support from others, such as her husband and best friend.

    The characters and their circumstances are clear and no questions come to mind. The reader is given enough information about the characters. It is clear that Tara is going through a worrisome time, and she is having a hard time processing all of her emotions. It is also clear that her husband is supportive and not surprised by her emotional state. The writer gives enough information to persuade the reader that they have all the information they need to understand the characters.

    Nothing about the Tara seems inconsistent. She is consistently worrisome or reactive. She responds similar to every situation. She reads the comments and becomes angry; she receives the news of the accident and becomes worrisome; she reads the article and becomes worrisome again.

    In addition, the point of view is consistent. It is written entirely in first person. The reader also receives enough information from this viewpoint. The narrator is the character, so when she experiences the phone call we know how she feels. It is also explained in the character’s consciousness. For example, we know that Tara was afraid when she heard about the accident because Moreno describes Tara’s thoughts. Moreno writes, “I was trembling and tears began to stream down my pale face” and “I was at a loss for words. Was my best friend of eleven years gone? And her little one-year-old daughter; was she gone as well? (2).”

    Lastly, Three images seem vivid in the story. First, the studio apartment seemed vivid. Second, the photo of Misha lying in the road “bloody and broken” seemed vivid. Third, the phone that Tara dropped seemed like a vivid image.

    1. Hi Marissa,

      I agree with the images you mentioned being vivid. I could picture myself there watching the phone drop, or sitting in the studio apartment on the fluffy couch with the warm blanket on WebAdvisor. I like everything that you pointed out, and agree that Tara was very reactive and worried throughout the story, even when she knew her friend was ok.

  13. I enjoyed the theme of the story “Accidents Happen” by Corra Moreno, and I can relate to it since I have been hit by a car while walking in the cross walk. The theme itself, was very believable and something that I’m sure quite a few people can relate to. Some of the events in the story, however, are harder to believe. One that was a little difficult to wrap my head around was when Tara was reading the news article about the crash and it said that “The driver didn’t even stop until her windshield was broken from the impact of the child’s body.” Assuming the driver was going above 10 miles per hour, I don’t think it’s possible that Colleen, the baby, was uninjured. Overall, this story was one of the more realistic stories I have read so far, as everything that occurred is something I can completely picture happening.

    For the characterization, I believe that the decisions Tara made were believable. I noticed that Tara is a very emotional woman, as before she even knew if her friend was okay, she dropped her phone and started freaking out rather than find out if her friend was alive. She also decided to post a Facebook status asking for prayers, which tells me that she is probably lonely after moving so far away with only her husband and dog since I assume she was seeking attention. There are some questions that I would like to have answered, but aren’t necessarily needed to understand the story, such as: who else did Tara know that was killed in an accident? What happened in that accident? What city did she move to? Why did she move? Why does Tara continue to cry and think that her friend is “near death” even though Misha’s mother, Lydia, said that Misha and Colleen were fine? Nothing seemed inconsistent with the characters.

    The point of view is consistently told in first-person, with Tara narrating. I believe we got enough of Tara’s consciousness, as we entirely know how she is feeling.

    An image that were particularly vivid was when Tara sat down on her fluffy couch, with her warm blanket, and opened up a website that I frequently visit: WebAdvisor. I could picture myself there, doing the same thing as Tara.

    1. I see what you mean when you say that the child would have definitely been injured by a crash that rolled her up the windshield. I hadn’t thought of that in my reading, but also, the likelihood of a child of that size being hit and rolling up the hood of the car doesn’t seem very high. With the area that the car bumper would have hit a child, the child would have gone under the car or been thrown forward unless she was being held by the mom. It would be more likely the mother who buckled over the hood and went into the windshield.

      I have many of the same questions. Why did they make that move? I do see why she would be freaking out about this accident though. If she had lost someone in similar circumstances, it makes sense that nothing short of actually seeing them would comfort her.

    2. I agree with you. I definitely thought about how did they manage to make it with just a couple of scraps and bruises or a few broken bones. The baby was mentioned to have gone through the window so she would definitely not have been okay also the mother was lying on the road, bloody but was able to wake up and recognize the main character’s ringtone? For the nature and the severity of the accident, it would be best if the author matched the injuries to the accident. It seeming like a believable story up until that point for me.

  14. In the scene “Accidents Happen” by Carra Moreno, revolves around a girl wanting to talk to her best friend only to find out she has in hit by a car. I do find the events believable, in October of last year my friend got into a terrible car accident on the 99. Many thought she wasn’t going to make it, she was in a coma for almost 2 months. By far that was a really difficult time and while reading Accidents Happen, my friends stayed in my thoughts. It’s so difficult and heart wrenching to get that call and knowing there is nothing you can do except wait. All I wanted to do was go to the hospital and see my friend, she too has a child and I was scared for him as well (he wasn’t in the car with her).

    I do believe in the characters decisions, what could she have possibly done. Sadly she had no choice but to sit and wait. I also agree that her decisions do match the character, it is believable and real. The main character seems consistent, with shock and worry, her character can be “off” with grief. What stuck with me was the paragraph when the main character is on the phone with her friend’s mother. While she is on the phone with her, her thoughts are going crazy she’s asking so many questions and having so many feelings that she doesn’t notice that the mother is talking to her. Another part that is more vivid, is the scene where the accident in described.

    Lastly I too felt some anger towards the commentators who were saying her friend was a bad mother. My friend at first was blamed for the accident, she was in a coma with tubes in her body and many kept saying it was all her fault. Another one of my friends had to physically restrain me due to how angry I was at those people. Another friend and I defender our friend because we knew how she was and knew she couldn’t have been the cause. In the end it turned out that another driver was at fault because she was on her phone and didn’t notice that traffic stopped. She’s the one who hit my friend and caused the pile up.

  15. Within the story “Accidents Happen” by Carra Moreno, I had a difficult time believing the events being portrayed due to the lack of personal connection. It seemed as though a story was being told, although emotions were almost toldin the same manner, rather than being expressed or shown. As well, not much information is given about the relationship as well as the characters. In this instance, a flashback may have been helpful to explain the relationshio between the two friends. I feel as though the characters seem rather distanced from the reader and almost too animated, limiting them from becoming real, as if the author tried to write the story well rather than tell it for what it is (not sure if based on a real event or created). I would like to know what the cause for the move was as well as more about the narrator and her friend, misha’s relationship. As well, many details seem to be randomly placed without explanation. For example, the collage on the bed; was this a project? Did the narrator pull them out after hearing about the incident? Regarding point of view, I get a sense of two different peopletelling the story: one that is speaking in an educational form and one that is extremely casual. The shift between these two tones creates comfusion amd limits fluidity of the story. A middle ground needs to be established in order to obtain the understanding of the audience experiencing this story. The narrator attempts to include the thoughts occuring yet does not distinguish them from the events in a concise mannor, leaving this attempt to be very rough and inconsistent. With the use of italics of seperated paragraphs, this can be made much more clear to the readers. The only motif that I could distinguish would be of the accident and it being a constant and revisited topic.

  16. Hi Carra,

    Good details in your story. The helplessness your main character felt after finding out the news of her best friends accident seemed fitting. I was a little confused after she logged onto Facebook, but maybe I miss read. After she logs on it looks like her anxiety gets worse, so maybe you can emphasize why this happens. Is it because she is not able to be with her friend or because of what she reads online? Also, what would cause people on to say those things about her online? I think you have a good story set up, best of luck with it, hope this was helpful

    1. the story was great, and that’s a good point, what really gives her anxiety. Overall, she did a great job telling a fiction story.

  17. Situation: Do you believe the events that are being portrayed? Sure it’s possible her friend was in an accident therefore the main events which take place in the story are believable.


    Do you believe the decisions that the characters make? It seems the central character has a strong bond with her best friend so yes the central character would cry and also be filled with loads of anxiety.

    What behavior seems particularly resonant? How much the central character cared about her best friend. Readers receive how much she cares through her stream of conscious.

    Is there anything in the characters that seems inconsistent? Maybe it was inconsistent of the central character to go poking into the police report online for pictures that would portray the accident worse than what it actually was. That is sort of unbelievable and odd for someone who is distraught to do.

    Point of View:Is the point of view consistent? The point of view is told in first person as we receive her stream of conscious as events take place. The view point never changes therefore it is consistent.

    Are we getting enough of the viewpoint character’s consciousness? The conscious of the central character is plentiful. The conscious is filled with sadness, doubt, genuine emotions provided her circumstance.

    Motif: What images seem particularly vivid? What seemed particular vivid was the description of the character walking around in her pajamas, grabbing her laptop to browse on and her dog next to her as she searches for classes.

  18. This scene is believable. The things that are said and done feel real and feel consistent with the character that was introduced.

    I believe in the decisions that the character made; the way she handled her grief, and more tellingly the way she couldn’t really handle it, was realistic to the experiences I have had. When she went online and her reactions to what she found there felt very authentic to me. I thought it held true to the cesspool to be found in the comment section of just about any posting on the internet. Her immediate desire to do something, and to see her friend even if she wouldn’t be able to be of any real help to the situation was very real to me. It support the friendship that has been claimed between these two friends.

    I would like to know a bit more about the other accident in this person’s life. I feel that if this was the second such accident in the storyteller’s life, the accident that the story revolves around would definitely have brought the other one more substantially into the thoughts of the protagonist. Also, there are some little inconsistencies that distracted me. The last paragraph revolved around conversations about driving into the city that were never mentioned until that point. Weaving them into the story would have made them feel more natural to the progression of events. There is no mention of a storm before that paragraph, and it just feels a little too convenient. Mentioning it before the end of the story would make it feel more real. Maybe that storm is why she is inside with her dog and a glass of wine? Maybe it is what caused the accident? Not knowing about that earlier makes the reader (or at least this reader) wonder why she isn’t rushing down for her best friend. The only reason that is mentioned earlier is that her husband is the one that normally drives, which doesn’t seem like a big enough block. It’s not until the end of the story that the reader knows why this woman is posting on Facebook rather than in a car making that drive.

    The point of view is consistent, and we are getting a lot of the character’s inner thoughts and feelings. I would suggest though, a little more balance between the character’s thoughts and actions and the normal, physical world that is still going on around her. Perhaps juxtaposing the two would bring a bit more immediacy to her inner drama.

    The way the character isn’t taking care of herself is vivid to me. Grief is powerful and all-consuming, and the way the character lives that seems real to me. The character being so out of herself is so true to that place of shocked grief.

    It’s a solid story.

  19. Hello Carra,

    I did enjoy your work. However, I think it would have been better to include more dialogue, like between you and someone else. For example, you could develop on the conversation between your husband and you, or Misha’s mother and you. I do recall in the guidelines of the professor asking us not to do too much inner thought dialogue. However, I believe your story to be very true, and it could be factual and based on your life or someone you know. The storyline for myself is a bit dull, but I understand from the perspective you are speaking of. You could have done it in third person, to make it feel as though the reader was going through the situation themselves as well. A more fuller character development would have been nice too, for example, explain to us more about Misha, and her situation, as well as her daughter. Who was she, how did you two meet? Did they say anything about what happened to the drivers? Surely they must have been in great shock as well. Overall though, I like your consistency with the paper. The main, 1st perspective character is very conscious of what is going on and the reader gets feel of the emotions they are going through.

  20. In Carra’s, “Accidents Happen,” the situation is told convincingly.

    It is also plausible in regards to the decisions the character makes. Knowing that she is to distraught to drive and waiting for her husband to take her was believable.

    The point of view is consistent throughout and what was going on with the character was felt throughout the scene.

    Just wondering if everyone came out okay.

    1. I think it was believable as well that she waited to have someone else drive. It also shows her responsibility because when someone potentially loses anyone, they aren’t in the right mindset to be on the road. Their thoughts can become life-threatening distractions.

  21. Situation: Do you believe the events that are being portrayed?
    I can believe this situation because I’ve been in one similar to this. Everything seems to go on in your mind all at once. I also thought it was believable because it had characteristics going on in us students’ lives such as applying for online classes and having friends who are new parents.

    Do you believe the decisions that the characters make?
    The actions of the character, Tara, were believable. I think it was normal for her to be searching for classes, talking to her dog, wanting to call her friend, and the shock she received from the call. I also thought it was believable that Tara would look around and go through pictures of her friend in the accident and worry about them being only memories now, with no one else to tie them to. However, the dialogue was the only thing I couldn’t believe.

    What behavior seems particularly resonant?
    The behavior of the story was a relaxed one in the beginning, and then it was more of an overall surprise/shock. And the worry of having a friend lost possibly, and what to even do about it from there on out.

    How does that behavior represent the characters’ personalities?
    The relaxed mood settled well with Tara speaking to her dog and enjoying another normal day it seemed in her life. She wanted to call up her best friend to talk about some advice concerning school, and that fit with the story being more believable than corny or unrealistic. I also think the bluntness of what happened aided the character’s shock when she found out what she did about her best friend her her friend’s daughter.

    Are there questions about the characters that still need to be answered?
    How long had Tara been married? Why did she move? Did she see her best friend and her best friend’s daughter often enough, or had she not seen her in some time?

    What do we want to know about the characters that we’re not being shown or told?
    I wanted to know how Tara’s best friend and her daughter made it. It would have been nice to see some interaction between them, considering the best friend was obviously awake if her mother was assured it was Tara and to speak with her. If not during the phone call, perhaps a section later in the story.

    Is there anything in the characters that seems inconsistent?
    The only thing I found inconsistent about the story might have been the best friend’s mother. When she gave the news to Tara, the dialogue was a little wonky to me. I think it would have been better to explain the emotion behind her voice somehow, to show how much stress and worry she herself was going through. Unless she was really as blunt and distant about the situation as I read it to be.

    Point of View:
    Is the point of view consistent?
    No, the POV remained first person the whole time.

    Are we getting enough of the viewpoint character’s consciousness?
    I think we get to see the character’s consciousness in her dialogue. Instead of them being thoughts to herself which might have been in a public setting, she is home alone and talking out loud. I think a lot of us do speak our thoughts in this way, and you can see that in this story.

    Motif: What images seem particularly vivid?
    The image that seemed vivid to me was when Tara was going through their memories by looking at all their pictures together. I know as someone who has lost someone in my life that this is something everyone tends to do.

  22. The events are very real. It seems like something taken from someone’s journal or diary. The main character is obviously very distraught from finding out about her best friend’s accident and is an emotional mess, all the decisions she makes seem very believable to me. The main character wanting to go straight to the hospital despite it being 4 hours away was part of the reason why I feel like the character seems to be a very loyal and caring person. She was willing to fight her way there to be with her best friend. One question I have is why did she remember the accident in the first place? Why was it suddenly a topic she brought up? Also, how old is everyone? The main character states that she’s married and her best friend has a degree and a one year old daughter so they must be older than mid twenties for sure. I think we were able to get a clear and consistent point of view of the main character. The story is written in 1st period so we hear her thoughts and know her feelings. A very vivid image to me the description of the car accident. I think the author did a great job in stating how her best friend and her daughter were found and treated. Though it was a little much for the nature of the story, I could picture her best friend’s body on the road and the little girl’s body through the window, though I didn’t really want to picture that, you gave a clear image of what it would look like. One thing I’d recommend is that the author writes the injuries suited to the nature of the accident. The daughter went through the window but was fine with a couple of scraps and bruises and would be discharged later that day? The mother was in the middle of the road, losing blood but was able to wake up and recognize the main character’s ringtone? The story would continue to be believable if the author wrote that the characters were in a coma, unless the story revolves around a miracle which wasn’t mentioned in this story. Despite that, the story was great. Very interesting to read and it tugged on my heart a bit.

  23. Your story was very interesting and it kept me wondering what was going to happen next. How Misha and her daughter Collen are going to cope with life after the accident. I was hooked throughout the whole story. The description of the story and setting was great because I could simply imagine how exactly it was happening. The events that are being portrayed in the story are believable. This type of event can have happen to anyone and as a friend or family member you can definitely be in panic or in shock because of this certain situation. I think anyone in this type of situation can act in panic. The decision that the author is making is very believable because she was worrying about someone she loved and she didn’t know exactly what to do at that instant when Misha’s mom answered the phone and told her what happened. She wanted to visit her friend so badly, but she decided to wait until the net morning. One thing that could have been stopped was when reading the articles about the accident and the hate comments. She should not have read it because it made her furious with people. They way she acted made the character be a character that cared about her love ones. There isn’t any questions that needed to be answered. I think you covered everything that needed to be covered. One of the characters that needed to be shown most was Colleen, how badly was she injured and how old was she. There isn’t anything that is inconsistent with any characters in the story. We do get enough viewpoint of the characters consciousness. The image that seem particularly vivid is when she was talking to her dog and her dog replied with a bark. Overall, your story was great!

  24. This was a lovely, emotional story, Carra. The events were realistic, as were the choices the characters made. The emotional pain the narrator feels over the risk of losing her best friend miles away spoke the loudest to me, and had me close to tears at one point. I believe that this really shows the humanity of the narrator, and deep bond she and Misha had.

    One question I still had after reading the short story was what other loved ones the narrator had lost to car accidents. The fact may not be vital to the story’s main plot though! The passage was consistent, as well as the point of view. There was plenty of insight to the character’s conscience, I loved every moment of it. The description of the photos seemed to be the most vivid to me.

  25. Carra, I really enjoyed the consciousness we as readers received from the scene–and I truly enjoyed the story’s descriptiveness throughout. I cannot wait to read your entire short story!

    Situation: I do believe the events portrayed–sometimes we are so entangled with “important” things, and when unexpected things pop up; we push those aside.
    I partially believe the decisions that the characters make. Obviously the narrator will worry and become afraid but not choosing to go visit her best friend? Even though she cannot/does not like to drive–she did not go see her? I know I would go see my bestie, even she was across the country–immediately. And even if not drive; but to post about it on social media? Perhaps this is the sad truth. Maybe I am too behind on what young people do nowadays with Twitter and FaceBook, but to me personally; it is irrational to have your bestfriend in an accident and not go visit her, but instead post about it.
    The behavior that seems most resonant is Lidia’s. She sort of scares me–but in a good way. I believe my mother would behave this way too. She’d reassure that i was okay and calm people down.
    Are they still close in relationship? How close is the narrator to Lidia?
    The characters seem consistent throughout.
    Point of View:
    1st; very consistent and VERY effective. I truly enjoy how much of her consciousness we see.
    Motif: An image that seems particularly vivid is when the narrator kept rereading the article of Colleen’s accident to see if she’d missed something–we all become anxious for information when ones we love are in danger.

  26. In Accidents Happen, the main character Tara finds out that her friend has been hit by a car. We are then able to follow Tara as she tries to deal with her emotions and tries to figure out what to do next. The characters are believable, and the way that Tara reacts to what happened to Misha is a very real reaction. I like that we are able to see her in her panic as she tries to do anything other than just cry. This scenes feels very real and very emotional. Without needing it to be seen, we know that Tara cares deeply for her friend and that Tara must talk to her dog a lot. The point of view is consistent and throughout the story we are able to fully see Tara’s personality. One gripe I do have is that Tara’s responses seem a bit over blown, seeing as Misha’s mom already told her that Misha was fine and that she was even talking still. I would recommend to tweak the conversation between Misha’s mom and Tara a bit, to give Tara a bit more of a reason to be so upset and worried about possibly losing her friend.

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