“Some days there won’t be a song in your heart, sing anyways.” -Emory Austin

Is there a chore that you absolutely despise? I have one. I will scrub toilets, sweep and mop, take out the trash, dust, vacuum, you name it. However, I hate doing dishes. I don’t know why, I just do. I put it off as long as I can, like I am now, and the dishes keep piling up. Yes, my husband helps out and does them, also…he actually does them more often than I do. He is sick right now, though, so it is my job to do this daunting task. It really doesn’t take all that long nor is it all that difficult, I just hate doing it. I feel good when they are all clean and I accomplished it, though. It’s really weird but I just cannot joyously do the dishes. Which is why I am giving myself, and my readers, as challenge. I’m going to do the dishes every single day for a month and not complain once. I will do it will a song in my heart. I want you to do the same. Find the chore that you hate, or like the least, and do it everyday for a month with no complaining. Clock starts now! Good luck! I will report back on November 7, 2015…just remind me, please.


Don’t give up, you can do this! Post in the comments what you will be working on. If you need encouragement, just ask for help, there are plenty of people here to help you.


7 thoughts on ““Some days there won’t be a song in your heart, sing anyways.” -Emory Austin

  1. I accept the challenge. I am going to start weeding more often. I will do it as often as I can…at least once a week. Thanks for putting me up to it. Hold me accountable!

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