“Today, the purpose is to have fun.” -Jay Gore

We went to the Masqurade Ball in Los Angeles, CA this weekend and it was wonderful. First, feel free to check out their link, The LOJ Masquerade Ball.

I was Emily, from the Corpse Bride and my husband was whatever…he kind of just threw something together at the last minute:


My friend Michaela was a garden fairy and her boyfriend was just in a tux with a mask. They looked way better than my husband and I:


Michaela made her dress as well as his mask. Refer to this previous post to see more about her creations.

There were also some very well costumed people at the ball:



We are hoping to go again, if not in 2016 then definitely in 2017. It’s every year, thankfully. Let me know if you have been and share any pictures you have.


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