“Genius is 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration.” -Thomas Edison

First off, I want to apologize for my blog posts being so few and far between. At the moment we have one computer down (my computer) and I have a busy school schedule keeping me from my blogging when I want to.

Today I want to show you my friend Michaela’s work. She makes tutus for a living and is quite good at what she does. She just opened her business to the public and has already handled some custom orders.

Her work is great quality and she puts her heart and soul into every tutu. She has her own little room that she can escape to and work as long as her heart desires. Please feel free to visit  her website for pricing and for any questions. Redheaded Owl Creations on Storenvy or Redheaded Owl Creations on Zibbet

Here is her own dress that she made for a Masquerade Ball we are going to next month…she’s not completely done with it yet but here it is:


This is a tutu she made for a newborn for a wedding:


Please, check out her store. She’s great at what she does and she will not disappoint.

Thanks for reading and for supporting her business.


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