“We don’t remember days, we remember moments.” -Cesare Pavese

I was at the child development center at my college this week doing observation hours for my class and I always come away from there with various things on my mind. You know, you can really learn a lot from interacting with children. They see a simpler life than we adults do. Sometimes I want to be a child again…it was so easy, so fun, so wonderful.

Today I want to talk about my childhood…the happy parts. I also ask that you share any memories or stories from your childhood with us in the comments.

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Childhood seems like so long ago for me, I can honestly barely remember anything before third grade. I know, that’s terrible for someone in their twenties but there was a lot of traumatic experiences in my early childhood years and my brain blocked so much out. However, with what I do remember, I want to take you back to the mind of little me.

Before I was in Kindergarten, I remember getting up every weekday morning with my two brothers (on my mom’s side) and watching the Aladdin television show until their bus came. They would leave and I would go back to sleep. I also remember my oldest brother (of the 2) playing Barbies or house with me while the other brother wanted nothing to do with it because I was a girl and he didn’t play with girls. As I got older, he became more open to engaging in activities with me but it didn’t happen overnight. The older I got, the more I wanted to be apart of their stuff. I tried joining in wrestling with them, I tried playing with the bugs with them; anything and everything they did, I wanted to try as well.

After they went to live with their dad, my childhood was very different. I was an only child at the age of 6 and it was lonely. I managed to create my own imaginary friends so that I wouldn’t be so alone. They were always there with me, even when people told me they were childish. They were always there for me and even protected me sometimes. I really worked my imagination back then.

When I was seven, almost eight, my life changed agin and I went to live with my mom’s parents. I was still the only child but I began to make friends with people in the neighborhood and at school. I even started having friends over at the house…that is, until I started getting grounded because I was such a bratty child. I really feel sorry for how I acted as a child, my grandma didn’t deserve that and I wish I could apologize to her.

One of my fondest memories while I was living with my grandparents was one of the times I wasn’t grounded, of course. I had friends over and we decided to go exploring on the 1.5 acres that I lived on. We made it all the way to the back of the property and there was a little trailer back there. We decided to make that a little house and we began playing in it. Looking back, there were probably spiders and other creatures in it that would freak me out today but back then I wasn’t so fearful. I didn’t know that there were so many things in the world that could potentially kill you so I didn’t care that there were spiders crawling around. I guess my friends didn’t mind either.

Life changes as we get older and sometimes it’s really hard for children when so much change goes on. I know that all of the changes in my life really effected me and who I became. It wasn’t easy but it all became part of me. I learned from my experiences and I have memories of things that matter, to me. I remember favorite toys like Shelby (Furby’s cousin, shown below) , I remember favorite people (my friend Valerie), I remember my fifth grade teacher inspiring me to write. There are so many things that, if they hadn’t have happened, my life would be different. These things, these people, these memories, make me who I am and I definitely don’t want to be anyone else.

There are a lot of people that I have told about this toy but it seems like no one knows a bout it but me. This is Shelby, Furby’s cousin, and I had one similar to this. I actually wish I still had both my Furby and my Shelby but I don’t.
There are a lot of people who I have told about this toy but it seems like no one knows a bout it but me. This is Shelby, Furby’s cousin, and I had one similar to this. I actually wish I still had both my Furby and my Shelby but I don’t.

I hope this brought up some good memories from your childhood. Or even some from your children. Again, I would love to read about them in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for all of the support.


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