“Love is the flower you got to let grow.” -John Lennon

Today I would like to talk about wedding flowers. There are so many different kinds of flowers and it can get overwhelming rather quickly. That is why I decided to make this post. I was originally going to make it one post but after much thought, it would be beneficial to make it into two posts. Today I would like to talk, specifically, about how I chose the flowers that I did. First, here are questions I asked myself:

1.  What color flowers do I want? What color will go with my color scheme for the wedding?
2. What type of flower do I want? Why?
3. Should I get real flowers or fake flowers?
4. What will other people think about my flower choice?
5. How much will flowers even cost?
6. Do I really need flowers?

So, looking at these six questions, you can see I was just as confused as you may be now. I thought long and hard about my colors for the wedding and I didn’t want my choice of flowers clashing with those colors. I also wanted to tie in something that reminded me of my grandma but I was still unsure how. I knew her favorite flower was the Stargazer Lily but I wasn’t sure it would go with my color scheme nor if it would be in season because I didn’t see many online.

Durning my search online, I saw many different bouquets but none of them looked like ME and isn’t that what it’s supposed to represent? I looked and looked, for days…maybe even weeks. Finally, I went on Amazon and saw beautiful flowers but they were fake. I was sure they wouldn’t look exactly like the pictures but the date of our wedding was getting closer and closer and I needed 1 Maid of Honor bouquet, 3 bridesmaid bouquets, and my bouquet. I ordered the amount that I thought would be perfect and hoped I made the right decision. Of course, not having a lot of friends who were married, I needed to find another source of help from people who have been there. I found a site called Wedding Wire and I had been posting questions and getting so much help. I figured I would ask them what they thought about fake flowers at a wedding. This was a mistake. I got a lot of negative feedback, which made me feel terrible. I shared the experience with my MOH and she laughed. She felt those ladies were insane, which I was slowly starting to agree with.

The flowers came and they happened to be more beautiful than I had hoped. They looked real! I was so beyond excited. I took a picture and posted it on the weddingwire.com website and everyone loved them. That’s when I decided that real flowers didn’t matter. I actually ended up buying decoration flowers at Joann, and Dollar Tree. It might seem crazy to think that I really bought flowers for the biggest day of my life at craft stores and Dollar Tree but I felt that it was more important to spend the money I would have pent on flowers, elsewhere.

If you want fake flowers, do it! If you want real flowers, do that too. You can even do both. But never let anyone else make up your mind for you. It’s yours and your spouse’s day, no one else needs to direct it. If you are stuck, talk to them first. Then your bridal party because they are there to support you and help whenever you need it.

Here are a couple pictures of the flowers I used at my wedding, the white flowers in the vase are from Dollar Tree, the blue flowers on the arch are from Joann and the pink flowers on the arch are also from Dollar Tree. My bouquets are, again, from Amazon.You can click the Amazon or Joann links above and they will take you to the specific flower I used but the link to Dollar Tree will take you to their flower section.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I do hope that this post on why and how I chose my flowers helps give you confidence that you need to pick your flowers. Stay tuned next time for more on how to chose your flowers.


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