“If he cant handle you in sweatpants, he doesnt deserve you in a wedding dress.” -Unknown

It’s Saturday everybody! How great is that? For anyone who works only on weekends….probably not so good. However, if you are like many people I know, you are excited that it is the weekend because you don’t have work or school. Since it is Saturday I get to talk to you about wedding stuff, the subject that has taken up a majority of my thoughts since before I even had a ring on my finger. Yes, this should have been done yesterday but it wasn’t…. so here you go.

This week I want to talk about the dress. Yes, THE dress…not just the one you looked at briefly that was cute but the dress you love and want. I was so afraid of budget I thought I would never have the kind of dress I wanted. Of course, I was dead wrong. I have a beautiful dress and I absolutely love it! It is from David’s Bridal and I would upload a picture if I knew for sure my soon-to-be husband wasn’t going to come look at my blog.

At first I had given up all hope of ever getting the dress of my dreams, the beautiful ball gown. I had settled on a dress that was an A-line that we found at Goodwill, because I knew I would never have the money to buy a brand new one and the dress was in good shape. Plus, I hate shopping for clothes because I get frustrated. Well, I ended up starting to resent my dress, I didn’t want to wear it because it was a spur-of-the moment thing and it was nice (and only $26). Never do that, ever. Well, I got a job and we have been able to pay for a lot more than I had hoped! One being the dress. And yes, I am selling that old dress on Craigslist…

Anyway….how do I find a dress that I love? Well, this can be stressful. My dress id probably the 2nd or 3rd most expensive thing that was a single purchase. Insane, I know. Be prepared to spend at least a couple hundred if you go to David’s Bridal. There are other stores you can check out. Like here, there are a few other wedding dress stores around David’s Bridal but I had contacted them and they didn’t currently have my size in my price range. Make sure to call ahead!

You can also look online but the problem I find with that is…you don’t truly know what you are paying for nor if you will like it on your body. Clothes look very different on a model than they do on me so I worried that if I bought one online, which I had seriously considered, that I would end up hating it. Also, if you purchase one from the David’s Bridal website, please note that if the style number starts with an AI it means that they are selling it “as is” which means it could have a tear or a stain….a number of things wrong with it. I know this because the dress I bought, it was cheaper on the website and they told me that was why. Also, you won’t know what is wrong with it until you get it. So…be very wary. It’s great to find ideas, though!

Good luck on your search to your dress. I hope this helped even a little! Don’t be discouraged, you will find THE dress, I know it.

Here are some links you may like to look at!



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