“Love is a song that never dies” -Bambi

May 23, 2015 was a day I will never in a million years forget. I know that there are people who are less fortunate and are unable to marry their love for one reason or another but thankfully I was able to. There were some bad moments but it’s to be expected. I would never think that it would go over smoothly and perfectly but I did all I could to make it go as close to perfect as I could. I want to share with you, from my point of view, what I remember going perfect and what I remember/know of turning into a disaster.

Good things:

  1. The decorations were beautiful and it all came together
  2. The weather was beautiful!
  3. The Bridesmaid’s dresses all matched in color, which I was slightly afraid they wouldn’t
  4. My dress was such a dream
  5. My makeup and hair couldn’t have been more beautiful
  6. Food was wonderful
  7. The cake was stunning
  8. People got up and danced!
  9. We started on time!!

Bad things:

  1. The live stream failed
  2. The dinner was late
  3. We didn’t get to do the memorial dance
  4. We didn’t get all of the photos we wanted
  5. Some people trashed out ceremony decorations while we were inside enjoying the reception
  6. Most, if not all, of my family left early (unavoidable, so I understand, but still lame)
  7. Some of the sound on the video recording was off
  8. Over half of the people didn’t come
  9. Dyed my hair 4 days before the wedding and it wasn’t the color it was supposed to be

There are more things to add to each part but I don’t want to list everything…But I do want to list things that I wish I had done:

  1. Spent more on a videographer and photographer, I love what we got but we could have gotten more
  2. Waited a little longer so we could have had more money to spend on more stuff
  3. Had more time to plan a bridal party dance, we wanted to do a dance to Thriller but we were unable to because of time restraints and conflicting schedules
  4. Had a timeline, I ran out of time and didn’t make a timeline at al…
  5. Had a photo booth
  6. Paid for a wedding planner/day-of coordinator

I could probably think of more things but it is done and over with, the day will never come again. I am happy to be married to my wonderful husband and maybe one day we will do a vow renewal but I know it will be smaller and a lot more planned out than this was. I was very unexperienced with weddings, as the only other wedding in the family was my cousin who is quite a bit older than me and I had nothing to do with the planning because I was only a kid.

If you are planning a wedding, please do your research. Also, feel free to ask me any questions. Here are a few pictures I will share with you from our day.

1 24 29 130 196 214 284 341

Thank you to all who were there are supported me in my planning. A big thank you to my Maid of Honor, Michaela, I would have been a wreck without her and my wonderful bridesmaids. I love them!

Also, Here is our “first dance” song: What are Words -The Piano Guys. When we heard this song, we knew it was “the one.” Hope you enjoy it.


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