“A true love story never ends.” -Unknown

Hello readers, I hope everything is going well for you. Today I would like to talk, somewhat, on the topic of marriage. I figured, since I am to be wed in a few months I would talk about it. More than just talk about it, though, I would like to go more into detail about planning. I know there are several sites out there to talk about what you need to do, when you need to do it, how much you need to spend, who pays for what, and the list goes on. It can get very overwhelming very fast. That is why, I am making this post. I will include everything that helped me get over the feeling of being overwhelmed. And I will tell you know that I did gather a lot of information from other articles that have helped me. I am just compiling that information into one place!

1. Stop. Just breathe…
Seriously, don’t go getting all worked up after getting engaged. Yes, there is a lot of planning that goes into a wedding but you don’t have to start the second you have the ring on your finger. I have read this in most of the advice columns I have seen about newly engaged women, so I’m not the only one saying it. Focus on just enjoying being a newly engaged person and showing off the ring!

2. It really doesn’t have to cost as much as they say it does…
For my area, the average amount of money spent on a wedding is almost what the national average is, which is seriously mind-boggling! I don’t understand how or why someone would spend as much money on a wedding as they do to purchase a house. I understand, it’s the biggest celebration of your lie and you want to make sure it’s perfect but I am here to tell you that you can do it at a reasonable price. I read somewhere that if you tack the word “wedding” on to anything, it’s automatically more money because the venues know that a person is actually willing to pay it. The article I was reading was about catering when they said this, though, so it may not apply to everything. With this being said, you do need to decide on a budget. Talk it over with your soon-to-be spouse, see what they think. For us, we don’t want to spend more than $3000, which is completely possible…even after buying the $600 dress you love!

wedding cost wedding cost1 wedding cost2

3. You’ve secretly have a planning board on Pinterest…
Sadly, there is a lot of stuff on Pinterest that the average person wants but realizes they can’t have. Everyone has a board, whether it’s a public board or a private one. You can admit it to yourself, you have been planing you wedding for a while now and you probably already know what you want. You may also know that it’s almost impossible to have you Pinterest wedding. There’s an article on my Pinterest account on my wedding board about not being able to have your Pinterest wedding and I loved reading it. I will post some links to a few articles at the end of this, so you can check it out. If I can come out of “sticker shock,” as the call it, then you can do. Just because you can’t have everything to a Tee that you wanted from your board, doesn’t mean it won’t be as magical. Believe me, it still will be.

4. Find your venders…but first pick a date range…
This may be very time-consuming. You have to take a lot of information into account. How much do I want to spend? What quality do I want this to be? Where do you want it? How close do you want the ceremony and reception sites to each other? How many people are you anticipating to have? I would answer these questions, determine when you would like the wedding, then begin your search for venders rather soon, as many wedding venues fill up very quickly. 

5. Figure out more details…
Who will be in the wedding party? Will you have a theme? What will the theme be? What about colors? Cakes? Dress? Timeline? Literally everything needs to be planned out but it doesn’t need to happen all at once. If I scared you, I apologize. 

6. Let people help you…
You aren’t in this alone. You have you bridal party, you family, everyone. If no one else, you can come to me! IF you are doing and DIY tasks, let your Bridesmaids help you. If you’re going dress shopping, take some friends or family members, don’t go alone. This is a happy time that is supposed to be shared with those closest to you so don’t shut them out. But remember, you don’t have to please everyone, this is your wedding and there will always be someone who doesn’t like your vision and will try to tear it to pieces, just ignore them and try not to slap them. Besides, there are tons of people feeling the same way you do right now.

Try to be relaxed on the big day, don’t panic. Best advice; either hire a Day of Coordinator or designate someone to that job. It can give you so much peace. You’re day will go over more smoothly. Let other people worry about the little things that you shouldn’t be bothered with. You need to be as stress-free as can be!

I hope I have helped you! Congratulations on your engagement and good luck! Here are the links I promised, enjoy! And if you are looking for a great place to talk to others about your wedding, join WeddingWrire.com it is a great site where you can get tons of feedback and great inspiration. And you can make your wedding website there. It’s completely free to use!









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