Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 9/2/13

Guess what everybody! I am leaving Greer, SC tomorrow. I am sad as I have truly loved it here but I know that the Lord has work for me elsewhere. And my companion, Sister Simmons, will be staying here and she will be training. Yep, she gets a Greenie of her own. A greenie is a brand new missionary.
In other news, not much went on this week. The weather has been crazy. It will be hot and sunny one minutes and then all of the sudden open up and pour! It’s kind of fun though running in the rain.
Right now I am burning CDs so that I can have some of the CDs that Sister Simmons has. There is this one CD that is called Joseph A Nashville Tribute and it is amazing. Everyone should hear it. And yes, it is about Joseph Smith. There are 4 other CDs as well but I can’t think of what they are called.
There aren’t any funny stories this week. Oh wait…so that preacher I talked about last week….yeah…he turned out to be a creeper. Not gonna go into detail but we don’t think he was really a preacher. And he wanted to give us a hug. Thank goodness for the no hugging the opposite sex rule.
Ok, well today we went to a place called Holly Wild. Great place. If you are ever in SC you gotta see it. Look it up online too.
Welll, love ya tons! Everyone have a great week!

Sister Carra Skye Miller

This is us with Victoria and her sister at Hollywild.
This is us with Victoria and her sister at Hollywild.

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