Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 8/5/13

Hello everyone. I know this email is going out later than usual but my companion and I were confined to our house all morning waiting for UPS because we are having problems with our phone and the mission office ordered us a new one and if we don’t receive it from UPS today, they will send it back. So we have someone waiting outside our apartment for UPS while we use a little time to email. I appologize for not replying to anyone individually but I am in a hurry today so this email is basically it.

Now, this week has been another great week. It has, however, gone by rather slow. And a briliant friend of mine who is reading this email once said that time goes by easier when you have someone on date to be baptized. And Taylor, you were right! It does go by a lot smoother when we are preparing someone for baptism but sadly, none of out investigators (people learning about the church) are progressing (meaning they are not keeping commitments to do what we ask them to do).

This week I have been struggling with a bit of home sickness but I assume that is because 1) I feel like people back home are forgetting about me and 2) things have been really slow. I hope to shake these feelings this week. Last week was also a sad week because someone who I met my first night here, Sister Dawn Bolick (now McEwen because she is married) moved away and it kind of felt like more of my family was moving away. It kind of broke my heart. It was really sad to drive by her apartment and know that she’s not there. But I know that things will be better for her in Utah and it’s a lot closer to California so I can so see her. Maybe I can be there for when her daughter Mariska gets baptized, she’s like 5 right now I think. Also, Vivian moved. She got baptized then moved out of our area so we can’t visit her. But she is still coming to church so that’s wonderful!

Oh! My companion, Sister Simmons, received a Birthday package from her family and her family sent me a mini Preach My Gospel, which is pretty much what missionaries live by and members should read. The mini one will help a lot when we go to meeting and things.

I also found out last week more about my family history. I went on and guess what! I have German, Hungarian, Romanian, English (there’s a English Knight even), and who knows what else! Crazy!!! And there are apparently many members in my family that I don’t know about because there is tample work that is reserved, meaning they someone will be baptized for them and seal them to their families so they can be together for eternity.

Oh and by the way, anyone can send me a letter or package at any time of the week. And if you send a package, send it from the US Post office, priority mail. If you don’t I will get it but it could be months from now. but my address is as follows:

Sister Carra Skye Miller
South Carolina Columbia Mission
110 Oak Park Dr. Ste. B
Irmo, SC 29063

Here’s a cute poem we were told yesterday at church:
The first time you notice me you’ll have to admit
I have an outside hard as grit.
No amount of force or pressure
Can make me change to seomthing better.
But if by a gentle flame I’m basted,
I’ll change to the best popcorn you’ve ever tasted,
Some people are like popcorn too…
With an outside shell that’s hard to get through.
But if you take the time to CARE,
you’ll discover the potential hidden there.
Through unselfish service you can help other grow,
By taking the time to lete your sweet love show.

Now, I hope everyone has a wonderful week! I love all of you and thank you so much for all of the support.


Sister Carra Skye Miller

PS: If anyone wants to email me that you know, give them my email. Thanks! Or my address


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