Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 8/4/14

Hello August! Strange how fast time flies by. Kind of scary, really. Anyone else feel like it has flown by? It’s terrifying to think that this is my last transfer and that I’ll be in the real world in…..a month and a half. Yuck!

Well, enough about that….hello my wonderfuyl friends and family. How was everyone’s’ week?

So, This week was pretty good for me, here’s a short summary of my week:

Monday we had FHE with Ashley and then FHE with the Hall family. I love Monday nights!

Tuesday we were kind of lost. We did stay busy but not the usual busy. I was

Wednesday was a bit interesting. We ran all over the place! We were in Pawley’s Islad to get our car looked at, nothing wrong with it. Then we were in Plantersville to visit some people then we were in Dunbar to visit our investigator William. He was supposed to get baptized this coming Saturday but he wasn’t able to make it to church.

Thursday we went to Murels Inlet, which is pretty far. We spent a good chunk of the dat there. It was nice. We got a dinner out of it 🙂 We hardly get fed here by members, kind of sad but my companion is an excellent cook. Oh, we also had our weekly plannig because Friday was our zone meeting.

Friday we went to Charelston for our zone meeting. It was a good meeting. ZTM is always wonderful, we get spiritually fed 🙂 We also went to a missionary’s home coming party, that was fun. He went to the Pacific Islands….I think.

Saturday our branch picnic was cancelled…again. Hahaha. But, we were able to spend some times with a few of our investigators. We finished teaching William all of the lessons, he has a testimony and we know he’s ready.

Sunday…hmm, we had a great day at church, as far as I can remember. I’m still falling asleep but it’ll be alright. We at lunch at the Lee’s, which is a family who lives right next to the church. We eat over there every week. They are awesome!

Ok, so just so everyone knows, I will be getting my blood tested tomorrow to see what is wrong with me. YAY! We will finally have some answers 🙂 Nothing better than knowing how to fix your problems, right? I’ll be getting a blessing tonight, as well. I know all will be well.

I hope y’all have a great week! Love ya!


Sister Carra Skye Miller

I’m pointing at the tree frog on the mirror and she’s pointing at the peroxide she just used after cutting her finger. We’re odd, I know lol

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