Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 8/26/13

Hello everyone! How is everything going? I appreciate the replies from people. Still waiting to see if anyone has input on how to boost our Book of Mormon Class. Any ideas? Any at all? Corey, you are exempt from answering because you already replied to that.

So just so everyone knows, I do have a Facebook group you can join. My friend Victoria uploads pictures every so often so you can view them there. She also tags me in the ones I am in so you can see some on my Facebook I guess.
We taught a preacher last week and we have a return appointment with him. How awesome. And he’s not wanting to fight. You can usually tell when they just want to “Bible bash” with you. We are going over there tomorrow. He took a Book of Mormon and said he’s read it. I’ll let y’all know how that goes.

We have someone on date to be baptized, her name is Victoria. She’s super sweet! She just moved into her grandma’s house, who is a member of our church, and we met her and started teaching her. Her mom grew up in the church but stopped going for various reasons but that wont stop her. Her baptismal date is September 14….my cousin Christy’s birthday.

Funny story: We were out going door to door on a fairly cool day and we arrived at this house with a really pretty font yard. We walked up to the door and there was a dragonfly flying around us. Right as my companion, Sister Simmons, was going to knock on the door, the crazy dragonfly tries to fly up my nose. I know they don’t hurt but still, I don’t want it in my nose. Yuck!

Oh transfers are coming up. I don’t know what will happen but I have a pretty good idea. We are notified the Saturday before transfers if we are leaving so I will be able to let y’all know next Monday. If I leave I know I will miss Greer as I have really found my home here. There was a family that recently moved out of our ward a few weeks ago and I was so close to crying. I know that people move and that I will move but this sister, who is reading this right now, has been an amazing woman. I met her my first day here and she has been there with me until now. She moved to Utah so she and her family are far away now but I feel like my own family left because I felt very close to them. Since then iI’ve been trying to pick things back up but everytime I go into the apartment complex where they lived, I think about them….which is at least once a week.
I hope y’all have a lovely week and that everyone is enjoying life. For the days that seem tough remeber this: “feed your faith and your doubts witll starve to death.”


Sister Carra Skye Miller

Us with Victoria
Us with Victoria. Sorry it’s sideways lol.

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