Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 8/25/14

This week was a little emotional for both Sister Allen and I. So weird.

Monday was a great P-day, we did what we do every Monday…except we didn’t have FHE with Ashley….again. The emotions started that night. As Sister Allen were laying in our beds just talking, we were talking about death of loved ones because a few months ago her brother-in-law died leaving her almost 23 year old sister widowed after I think 2 or so years of marriage. I told her the whole story about my grandparents and I started crying. I thought I would be able yo talk about it with my companion since I share parts of it during lessons my entire mission without crying but I just bawled. I’ve been really missing them a lot and I guess it finally came out. It did feel really good to just cry, though. I wish I could cry more, hahaha. I’ll continue to pray for that gift 🙂

Tuesday we had DDM in Monks Corner. A member was able to drive us so we saved miles! We have been using a lot of miles and will continue to use a lot because we now have 3 returning members that we are teaching up in Pawley’s Island.

Wednesday we went up to Pawley’s…hahaha. Yeah, we had a busy day that day.

Thursday we went to Dunbar, which is another part of our huge area. We met some new people.

Friday was a Plantersville day. We did service for our investigator Albertha. She’s so funny. Her and her son both were surprised that we were doing it all for free. She’s almost 90.

Saturday was another Pawley’s day. Talk about a lot of miles this week.

Sunday was our first day in out little Hibachi Grill building. YAY! It’s actually happening finally.

Today has been great.

Well, not too much else to report on. The picture is the game board that Sister Allen and I have been working on 🙂

Have a great day! Love ya!


Sister Carra Skye Miller

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