Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 7/28/14

Hello my wonderful friends and family! How was everyone’s week? Did anyone have a good Pioneer Day Celebration? Our branch’s activity was cancelled due to a lot of rain, no fun. But it is going to be this Saturday 🙂 Our Investigator William, who will be getting baptized on August 9th, was really bummed out that we got rained out. He came to church yesterday, though 🙂

Anyway, So here is my week:

Monday: Same usual P-Day stuff then Family Home Evening with Ashley, one of our wonderful investigators then FHE with a part member family that we see every Monday.

Tuesday was DDM. Sister Allen and I gave a training that went well. Not too many people wanted to talk to us that day, haha. It’s alright. Every time someone slams the door is our faces, they’re really slamming it in their face.

Wednesday: Work as usual 🙂 I love teaching people. We were helping Ashley with home remodeling…kind of.

Thursday: More work!!! I love working 🙂

Friday: Weekly planning, splits with 2 members of the branch and more work.

Saturday we taught William then taught Ashley and had a great day. Plus I got a great letter in the mail 🙂

Sunday: William came to church, had a great day!

Today I baught an alligator head 😀

I hope y’all have a great week. Pray that we will be able to figure out what is making me sleep, please 🙂

Love ya!


Sister Carra Skye Miller

I love playing with frogs lol

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