Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 7/15/13

Ok, so this is a new thing I am trying. It is an update to EVERYONE. Just so everyone can know what is going on and so I don’t have to reply the same exact thing to a million different peole. So, here it goes.

So, I have been a missionary for 4 months, 1 week, and 3 days. Crazy, right? It’s amazing how fast the time goes by, honestly. Anyone who has been or is a missionary can atest to that. It has been the most amazing thing I have ever done, though. Being a missionary is even more amazing the the 10 day trip to Europe I had my Senior year in high school. that’s saying a lot because when I got home that’s all i wanted to talk about. I STILL talk about it with people here because there are a lot of people who have been the same places.
My first companion and my trainer, Sister Erica Browning, is from Paul, Idaho (it’s Southern Idaho for those who were wondering). And she was an amazing trainer. I learned so much from her! And the people in Greer, SC love her to death. She is now serving in Hopkins, SC which is just outside of Columbia, SC. And Columbia is known as the “armpit of SC” for those of you who know California, it’s like Bakersfield I guess. I’ve only been in Columbia briefly a couple times so I don’t really know. Columbia is where the temple is though. When I look at it, I feel at home because it looks just like the Fresno temple. It was built about the same time, too. When was the Fresno temple built? 1999? 2000? 2001? Somewhere in there.

My companion I have now, Sister McCall Simmons, is from Utah. the response from many peole here is “Oh. of course you are.” It’s kind of funny. There are a ton of missionaries from Utah but there are also a lot from California and Idaho. Sister Simmons was a new missionary, she came out here from the MTC (Missionary Training Center) on July 10 and she can with me to Greer, SC on July 12. and yes, Yasmin, that is when you went into the MTC. I was talking about it forever because I kept thinking about it and how excited I was for you.
So we have taught a lot of people, some were prepared by the Lord, others were not. We have given out a ton of Book of Mormons and have taught a lot of people about Jospeh Smith’s First vision. Thankfully, my MTC district made it a goal to memorize the First Vision in the MTC. My companion and I have also started a Book of Mormon class. It’s falturing but we still have hope. We just need to get the elders in our ward more excited about it so they will tell their friends. The highest attendance we had was 3 people….but they were all actuve members and one of them was our Ward Mission Leader. Speaking of Ward Mission Leader, he moved from Clovis, CA. Crazy right? He and his wife moved into the ward on Easter, my second Sunday in the ward. He was actually cleaning the Fresno Temple the day before I went through. Crazy, right?
We had a baptism on July 6th (Tori), for those of you that I didn’t tell. It was an amazing experience! To see her come out of the font so pure and clean! She bore her testimony and it brought me to tears. She is like a sister to me now. I love her so much! Well, and her family.
We have another woman who is on date to be baptized on July 27. She is so excited. Her name is Vivian and she has 2 daughters, Darrian and Mackenzie, who were baptized a little over a year ago. They are 10 and 12 years old now. I love seeing Vivian and her beautiful smile.

Here’s my “usual” daily schedule, for those of you who were wondering.
6:30am: Wake up, pray, exercise (me doing sit ups then falling sleep on the floor)
7:00am: Shower, get ready for the day, breakfast (usually cereal)
8:00am: Personal study (Studying alone)
9:00am: Companionship Study (study with my companion)
10:00am: 12 Week training (When you are training or being trained)
11:00am: Lunch (yes, early lunch)
12:00pm: Go to work (Teaching people about Christ’s Gospel)
5:00pm: Dinner (usually with a ward family–very rarely southern food)
6:00pm: Back to Work (see 12:00pm)
9:00pm: Plan for the next day, update records, etc.
9:30pm: Open mail (if we have any), write in journal, prepare for bed, snack becuase I am starving (usually cereal again)
10:30pm:Sleep YAY!!!!

Ok, there you go. now you know a day in the life of a missionary. Some days are different though.

Well, I love you all and hope all is well. Have a fantastic week!


Sister Carra Skye Miller

Sister Terry and I. She was my MTC companion.
My MTC district in front of the Provo, UT temple. There were 6 sisters and 6 elders.
This is my trainer, Sister Browning, and I in my first area, Greer.
My second companion and first trainee, Sister Simmons, and I.

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