Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 6/9/14

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful week, I know I did.

First I would like to talk about a new investigator (that we dropped). We will call him G. Well, we were teaching G yesterday and he felt like baptism wasn’t necessary, even though in John it says that we have to be born of water and the spirit or we cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven. Well, he says that being born of water is when you are born out of the liquid of your mother’s womb. It was slightly awkward to talk about that but he feels like every verse in the scriptures has some deeper meaning and that’s what he goes out of that scripture in John 3:7. Just thought I’d share that little piece of information with y’all.

So this week was really busy. We had a blast making the trashbag dresses. Monday time went by super fast, I didn’t really have any time to read my scriptures. I did take a short nap, though.

Tuesday we had our No More Strangers fireside and interviews with President Holm. It’s kind of sad to think that that was the last interview with him. They leave in less that a month… think in 20 days 😦 But I know President Turner will be wonderful.

Wednesday I was in Spartanburg on an exchange with a sister named Sister Lester. She’s from Utah and she came out with Sister Paxman and Sister Simmons (my first trainee). So on this day Sister Lester and I almost get escorted out of an apartment complex by the apartment manager. He was a JW and he was not very nice to us. gave him the letter that President Holm gave us about our right to proselyte there but he was not having it. “Anyone can write a letter like that” were his exact words. Well, he couldn’t do anything anyway because we were visiting someone specific there and he tried to tell us that by the wiki definition we were soliciting. We told him that by the legal definition we were not. Hahaha!

Thursday we finished up the exchange and I came back to Inman. We reviewed what we learned and the goals we set from the exchange. Then we went off to work! We did get pulled over that day, hahahaha. So we were visiting someone, kind of out in the boonies, and a cop passes by our car slowly. We thought it was weird but let it go. Well, we got in our car a few minutes later to go visit another person in the area and the cop wips around and follows us. We are about to make a right turn down a dirt road so I turn my blinker on and her turns on his lights. Scariest feeling EVER! Well, I pull over and he sits in his car what feels like 10 minutes but is really probably like 1 minute then comes to the window. He pulledus over because we left our car unattended. Really? Sometimes I think cops get bored, haha

Friday was weekly planning and then, now that Sister J. Fletcher is back we are going out with her every Friday! We missed her becuse she has been in Utah for about 8 weeks. We also had the fashion show for the trashbag dresses. I got the whole thing on video! Which I will be making my own mission Youtube thing when I go home because everyone needs to see all of these hillarious videos I’ve made.

Saturday was a day of walking! We love walking. We, thankfully, didn’t get burned. I did decide that I have to retire my black shoes though. They are falling apart now and that’s not too good for my feet. Thankfully I have more shoes.

Sunday was great! I love going to church. Sometimes I wish church was longer but it’s probably a good thing that it’s not.

Today we have a woman in the ward who is doing a photo shoot for us. How exciting is that? She is ver talented! I’ll share pictures with you later.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and continue to pray for missionary experiences. Don’t be afraid to act on a prompting! Love y’all.


Sister Carra Skye Miller

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