Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 6/23/14

What a great week! I love being a missionary, I think I’ll just stay out here forever and never be released, haha. Not really, I know I’ll have to leave eventually but today is not that time., I still have a few WONDERFUL months left. I hope everyone had a good week.

Monday: We went to Landrum, beautiful place. We don’t get up there too often even though it’s in our area, it is just too far to travel without a member. We also went to the NC border, which was cool.

Tuesday: We taught our investigator, Judy. She is on fire! We are REALLY focusing on Joseph Smith right now, still trying to get over the whole worship on Saturday not Sunday thing with her but she has made so much progress.

Wednesday: We had our last zone conference with our wonderful mission president, President Holm. He and his wife will be leaving…next week. It is very sad, as we will all miss him, but it is also a little excited. We all know that there will be many changes coming but we don’t know what will change and what won’t, as every mission president is different. I know it will be good, though.

Thursday: we were a bit busy running around. We went up to Landrum, again. This time it was to go to work. We did go with a member, of course. We were wondering around looking for an address that is, apparently, non-existant, haha.

Friday: We were going a bit slow that day as we were both exhausted! I don’t know what it is but as a missionary you get more sleep than at home but you are always more tired. We went out with another member of the ward and saw a few people. Many people seem to not be home on Fridays, haha.

Saturday: Well, had plans and then they all fell through. It was alright, though. We did find out that one of the girls in the ward finally had her baby. She had a beautiful healthy baby boy 🙂 We are going to visit her tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to see him. If only I could hold him, babies are my weakness. Saturday night we got THE call. I am now leaving Boiling Springs, SC. No idea where I will be going but I know that I am leaving. It is bitter sweet, as it always is. I will miss being here and the friends I have made but I know that there are more friends to be made in my next area. No telling what adventure awaits there!

Sunday: We went to church, of course. I prayed in many of the meetings, since I was leaving. I was wriing in all of the elder’s airplane journals. FYI, for those who don’t know, it is a journal of letters from companions, members, and even friends and family back home that you read on the airplane when you fly home. Mine is getting big, as I have a lot of members who wrote in it yesterday. We also did A LOT of tracting. We met some really wonderful people that we will be seeing again soon.

Today: We will be running around all day. The exciting project that we have today is….we are going to make our little pocket Book of Mormons into hardcover, leather bound Book of Mormons. How exciting. We were both given a pocket Book of Mormon from some members because they were too small for them, horrah for us, we have been wanting them for so long.

I hope y’all are having a great week and it continues to go well. Enjoy the summer, stay cool, stay dry, stay safe.


Sister Carra Skye Miller

IMG_3953 IMG_3955


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