Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 6/16/14

Hello everyone. I hope y’all stayed drier than I did this week. My companion and I got stuck in the rain four days in a row. We were usually able to take shelter somewhere so we could stay dry.

On Monday we finished up our “photo shoot” which was a blast. We don’t have the CDs yet because she took more pictures yesterday after church. We also saw some awesome people in our ward. I love the people here.

Tuesday we were able to do some unexpected service. One of our investigators is reconstructing her mobile home and we were able to help with the walls a bit. So much fun. I was also given a new skirt from a member of the ward.

Wednesday I got a letter, which is always a great way to end a great day. We did get soaked in the pouring rain and we took shelter on a member’s porch (she wasn’t home or we would have gone in, haha.

Thursday was another great day. We went out to lunch with bishop’s parents and we taught an investigator about why we worship on Sunday, and we went teaching with a member of the ward.

Friday we went to Landrum, which is right on the boarder of SC and NC. It’s a nice little town. We will be spending today up there, as well, because there’s a lot of stuff to do there on a P-Day.

Saturday we went knocking, made a Polish meal for a member who just lost her grandmother, and ate dinner with another member.

Yesterday (Sunday) was another great church day. As I mentioned before, we took more pictures, some of which we with the elders. We also did a TON of knocking…and this lady tried to tell us that she knows all about our church and that her husband is a baptist minister (which I can’t see that because she doesn’t even know the Bible, she tried to use John 3:16 to tell us that we aren’t Christian but she was actually talking about a different scripture, I didn’t tell her that). We just let it go. She did tell her 3 kids to run into the house from us, though…hahaha. I love the south!

Well, that was this week. I will send some pictures this week since I wasn’t able to last week but the trash bag dresses pictures will have to wait yet another week, sorry. but the dog in the picture is a dog that bit me because I was giving him a treat and you could tell his owners don’t feed him well, which makes me sad. And no, the skin didn’t break so I was fine 🙂 I hope y’all have a great day!


Sister Carra Skye Miller

_MG_1982 IMG_2273[2]


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