Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 4/28/14

Hello my wonderful friends and family! I hope everyone had a splendid week. Did I spell that correctly? I hyope so, haha.
This week was fun! We are running a little low on miles so we’ve been walking a lot. It’s amazing the people who you meet and the things that you seen….like the amount of dead bees on the side of the road or a bunch of random change scattered around on the ground. We found a box cutter the other day. So much random stuff! It may be slightly painful at times, as the upstate is all up hill and we walk for hours. Basically all we can drive is to church and back. We stay on one road and we walk to the places we need to be. I really enjoy it.

We had an exchange this passed week, I was in Spartanburg again. I was able to see some pretty great people there. My physical therapy is almost done, my last visit is this week, it’s really been helping 🙂 last week she gave me a massage, which was GREAT!

Things are going well, my companion, sister Paxman, and I are working hard and spreading the gospel. We also started a quote wall (I will include a picture). I love being here! Thwew is so much to do and I am excited to do it.
Gotta run. I love y’all. Have a wonderful day!


Sister Carra Skye Miller

Photos from us walking so much:

223_3670 223_3756 223_3759 223_3858


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