Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 3/3/14

Hello my wonderful friends and family! How is everyone this week?
It is a little scary how fast time is slipping away. I am reminded constantly that my time as a missionary is going to soon end. Yuck! And I still can’t believe I’ve been 22 for a month, to the day. I feel like life is going by way too fast and I’d like it to slow down. It’s hard to believe that March 2014 is really here, AAAAHHHHH!!!!!

Anyway, enough of that. This week has been bumpy. CS says she knows she needs to be baptized but she can’t give up her cigeretts and alcohol. I know she can and she knows she can but we will just have to give her time. I know what would bring peace in her life and so does she but she’s being so stubborn. The only thing I can do for her right now is pray for her and let her know we still love her. She is my sister and she means so much to me. They have so much to deal with! And CS’s soon to be ex-husband is not even there for his kids. I wish I could do more for them but, alas, I cannot. All I can do is pray.

We found some wonderful people this week! I know miracles are just around the corner here is Boiling Springs. We have recently gotten in touch with a couple less-active members and they are so awesome! I love helping the lost sheep.
It’s raining today, just like it was this time last year. I love it. I will miss all this rain when I leave South Carolina. It’s so beautiful and green here because of all the moisture, I love it!

Anyway, things are great! I am so happy to be a missionary and there’s nothing I’d rather do than this work. I know that I can help someone when I open my mouth and rely on the spirit. That’s why I’m out here, to help others.
I love each of you and hope this week is wonderful!


Sister Carra Skye Miller


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