Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 3/24/14

It’s been a very busy week! I hope everyone has as much fun with their weeks as I do.

So Monday we didn’t do much out of the ordinary, it’s always a crazy day.. I just talked to our mission doctor the day before who told me to call our mission nurse for numbers for an orthopedic surgeon. I did that and I had an appointment scheduled. We also visited a few people.

Tuesday was a crazy day, we had two members scheduled to go teaching with us as well as our usual district meeting. After the district meeting Sister Gardner and I switched cars with the spanish elders (They are spanish speaking missionaries who are serving in the spanish branch here). They needed our car because it had a bike rack and they needed it, the Assistants asked us to switch last week but the elders kept putting it off. We now have a really cool 2014 car. I love it. Sister Rush, a member in the ward, went out with us in the early afternoon, right after our District meeting. We had lunch with her and another lady named Victoria. Victoria has a hard time coming to church because she works so much. In the evening we went out with Sister Kennedy and visited CS with her. We talked about Tithing and word of wisdom issues with her. She was getting really excited for her baptism dat on 3/29.

Wednesday was busy as well, we had the opportunity to help a man in our ward take down a fance, it was great. I love new experiences. We also had to rush to my Orthopedic appointment that was all the way in Spartanburg, about a 45 minute drive from the place we were at. At my appointment I was told that I have bricitis….I know that isn’t spelled correctly but they didn’t tell me how to spell it. It is like tendonitis…again, I’m sure I spelled that wrong haha. I have to go to physical thereapy for my shoulder and take 2 medications. I guess I shouldn’t have waited so long to talk to the mission doctor. For those who don’t know the story I will tell you. About 5 months ago my shoulder started hurting, I was told to do shoulder exercises for about two weeks and call back if it still hurts. I did that and nothing worked. The doctor told me to call back in a month. I didn’t do that. So here we are today….on two medications and needing physical therapy. Our mission persident’s wife said to wait on the physical therapy, though, since transfers are coming up and I have to go for 3 weeks. We’re going to have to see if there is a member who can take us because that takes a lot of miles to get there and back. We talked to CS again that night, helping prepare her for her big day.

Thursday CS told us she couldn’t get baptized because her mom was going to disown her. That one was tough. We told her we still love her and we’re still here for her. It was really hard for us to walk away from that one. We love her so much and we want the best for her. We went home and prayed.

Friday I took one of my medications is the morning and it made me so loopy. It was crazy! We tried to do our weekly planning but I had no idea what was going on. I kept falling asleep and saying crazy stuff. Sister Gardner recorded me, haha. When I get home I’m sure it’ll be on youtube for everyone to see. We also tried to go out teaching with a member, that didn’t go over too well. I was not able to focus or stay awake. When she dropped us off after about two hours, I crashed. I layed on my bed and I was out for about two or three hours. When I woke up it was almost time for dinner. Not good. Sister Gardner said she couldn’t wake me up, I was dead asleep. The night ended great though. CS talked to us a lot and she will said she’d go to her baptismal interview.
Saturday….SHE MADE IT TO HER INTERVIEW. She was so excited! We also went to the ward Youth Camp Fundraiser: An Unusual Talent show. It was the best. I have videos of it that will go on Youtube when I get home, everyone has to see it.

Sunday….sad day. CS’s baptism was announced but after church we found out that there will be no baptism. She has some more issues. I don’t know how else to help her when she doesn’t want the help. All we can do know is pray for her and love her. I guess time will tell us what will happen.

Well, thank you all for your support and for your prayers for CS. Missionary is sometimes hard but always worth it. I love being a missionary and when they day comes when I have to take my name tag off, it will be hard. But I know that every member is a missionary, whether they have a name tag or not. Have a wonderful week and be safe. Y’all are always prayed for 🙂


Sister Carra Skye Miller

Don't I look beautiful in my hospital gown?
Don’t I look beautiful in my hospital gown?

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