Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 2/3/14

Hello My wonderful Friends and Family! I hope your February started off well, I know mine has. We went through a phase of all of our investigators disapearing (ie: eviction, moving out of state, misinformation from others) and we were left with one investigator who we haven’t been able to see but once since we met him due to meetings and snow. But guess what, most of them are back. We still have 5 investigators who moved out of state, we got ahold of them though and we’ll be sending the missionaries to them, and we still have one investigator getting evicted but the rest are great. One of them absolutely mafe my day today! C. S. is an investigator who has been a little…difficult to work with. At first she refused to meet with us because the other sister left and she didn’t want to meet me, she only want the other sister with Sister Gardner. Finally we met with her and things were great. Last week we went through a whole week of her getting misinformation about the church from a cousin of hers. We went over there with a wonderful member on Saturday, after not seeing C.S. For a whole week, and answered many of the questions she was getting from her cousin. A lot of it made sense to her and we worked through it. And today guess what we did!!!! For my birthday C.S. and her husband began the 15-step quit smoking program! There is no other gift I could ask for than her and her family taking this next step to coming closer to Christ. I absolutely love their family and we have been waiting for this day for a long time. They are amazing! And there were many people in the ward who were fasting for her. It was wonderful! There will be many miracles in this area!

Most of this week was spent on updating our records and map as there were some passed missionaries who hadn’t kept it up, but it’s ok because this is still a fairely new area. Sister haven’t even been here a year yet. Our map is looking really nice and I am so excited to help this area grow.

I love missionary work and there’s nothing that would be better to do with my birthday. Today is a wonderful day. We have abirthday party for me to attend a few hours! How exciting. I hope everyone has a wonderful Week! Love you!


Sister Carra Skye Miller


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