Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 2/10/14

Hello wonderful people! This week has been FANTASTIC! I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE being a missionary and there’s no job, no amount of money, nothing, that could take me to a better place. I have learned so much since I’ve been on my mission.

This week, my testimony of the Word of Wisdom was strengthened. I am so grateful for the knowledge of the WOW because I have control over my actions, thoughts, etc., unlike those who are addicted to some drug. I have always had a testimony of it but this week I saw so much happen. Our investigator that I talked about last week, C.S., well she gave up on the 15 step program the same day she started it…on Monday of last week. She says she wants to quit smoking but right now isn’t the time. She has tried to quit smoking numerous times and has failed. I know that miracles happen and with much prayer, she will be able to quit! She is an amazing woman and I am glad to know her.

We met a man called “Jay.” He was so kind and he was so excited about our message. Yes, he was under the influence, but we gave him a Book of Mormon, prayed with him, and talked a little about the Restroation. He was awesome! We have a return appointment later this week and we’re going to try to help him the best that we can. I see great potential in him.

We had an exchange this week, I strayed in Boiling Springs and Sister Gardner went to Spartenburg. I was with Sister Jackson, she’s from Utah….of course haha. We did so much! We met with C.S. and asked her to pray about baptism in March. She wants to wait to be baptized in Feb of 2015 because then her youngest daughter will be 8 and will be getting baptised but we are trying to help her see that it’s improtant to do it sooner. We also saw another family, R&T and their girls. They have been investigating the church since las summer and have come so far. R&T need to be married but they have prayed about it and want to be baptized on March 1!! Along with their oldest daughter. This will be exciting. We may have to push their date back so they can get married but they are so glad that they have made this big step in their lives and we are too, they are such and amazing couple. I love the people we are teaching here.

My birthday was wonderful last Monday, we were everywhere! Our P-day was a lot different than in usually is, we didn’t really have anytime to relax….We had CS at 11:30am, luch with the bishop’s parents at 12pm, dinner #1 with a ward family at 5pm, dinner #2 with another ward family at 6:15pm, plus we had to queeze in laundry (which we didn’t finish), shopping (which we had to cut short), and we managed to get in some letter writing. It was a long busy day….but totally worth it!

Well, I wish everyone a HAPPY V-DAY! May you see the Lord’s hand in your life this week! I love y’all!


Sister Carra Skye Miller



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