Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 12/2/13

Hello my wonderful friends and family, how did everyone’s week go? This week was full of happenings!

Part one of this week: Thanksgiving was wonderful! We had so many people who wanted to feed us. We went to a less actives house and had a “southern” Thanksgiving, then to the our ward mission leader’s house and had a “healthy” Thanksgiving, then to another family to have another Thanksgiving, then the bishop’s first counselor’s house for more dessert (which I could not eat). I was so full I probably gained like 50 pounds just from that. It was so wonderful, though. I love seeing the members and meeting their family.

Part Two: Sister Gibbons was making lunch the other day and burned herself in the oven. It was crazy. It was on the tip of her thumb too. She’s doing much better now. But then, she spilled water all over her Ensign magazine and had to blow dry it, which she then burnt the carpet…a little. Crazy day, that was.

Part Three: We saw a ghost tree (not really) in the middle of the woods. It was so weird. But people out here like to decorate.

Part Four: We met this amazing couple! The are so ready to be baptized and have a date to work towards: December 28. I am so excited for them! She has overcome so much in her life and she is so amazing. I love them already and we just met them on Saturday. Yes, Saturday. They came to church yesterday and she’s going to be going to the Book Of Mormon Class we have every Wednesday. We also gave her husband a Spanish copy of the Book of Mormon, so he could read it better.

Anyway, that was our week. Hope y’all are preparing for Christmas, it is on the way! Less than a month…how crazy is that? Happy Holidays everyone. Love y’all! Have a wonderful week. And good luck to anyone who is taking any finals soon. Later!


Sister Carra Skye Miller

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