Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 12/16/13

Dear friends and family,

This week was another great week, minus me getting sick but I’ll talk about that later. Christmas is really in the air now. They had the Lugoff parade yesterday. It was supposed to be Saturday but it was rained out so they moved it to yesterday. Sister Gibbons and I were able to catch the tail- end of it after we came back from Columbia. We went to see one of our investigators sing in the stake choir Christmas thing that they have every year. It was amazing! Our Ward Mission Leader’s wife sang a solo and it was beautiful. She has an amazing voice.

More and more Christmas lights are going up as well, it’s great! I love looking at all the houses lit up, it makes me think of Christmas Tree Lane. There is this one house that has sooo many decorations! The home owner said that they’ve been decorating their house for 8 or 9 years and they have so much stuff that they don’t put the same decorations out eaxh year. Crazy, right? I’ll have to go take pictures sometime. They have a santa in a tree stand and it makes me laugh, right next to it is a Frosty The Snowman with a gun wearing a camo vest. It’s great!

Anyway, other than that, we had a pretty normal week, our investigators are still on date to be baptized on December 28, we’re all super excited. The elders in our ward have 2 people who are getting baptized this coming Saturday, we’re going to be there to support them.

We went on an exchange with some other missionaries in the area on Tuesday and I was with Sister Craig, I’ve been on exchanges with her before, she’s great. We went to see a less-active family and one of them was sick so guess what….I got sick. By the time Friday rolled around, I had a fever. My temperature was 100.3 and that was at least from 1:30am to 12:00pm Friday. It was terrible. I do not like getting sick and all I wanted was my uncle Dirk to bring me some soup and stuff…but obviously that can’t happen as I am a missionary. It’s just supper misserable to be sick, especially as a missionary.

Well, we did receive a referral this week from a member of a ward and we are now teaching their friend. I can see this new investigator going far. We are meeting with him again this evening so I will let y’all know how that goes next week.

I am super excited to keep things moving here in Lugoff. I love being a missionary and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Hope everyone else has a wonderful week this week. Stay warm and dry. Love ya! And remeber: “Merry ……mas hmm, doesn’t sound right does it?” So keep Christ in your Christmas this year.


Sister Carra Skye Miller

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