Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 1/21/14

Yesterday was a holiday and the library was closed so we are emailing today…HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYONE!

This week was interesting…let’s think back on what happened, shall we?

Monday: P-day! We forgot to buy a few things but we managed this week. We didn’t do too much.

Tuesday: We thought we had DDM but, after driving all the way to the church, we realized there was no meeting. So we went to a Firestone place to get our car checked….guess what was wrong with it, the driver (Me) put gas in the car a few days earlier and forgot to put on the gas cap. That happened because with the Ford Fusion, which I had been driving for the past few months, there is no gas cap. Yeah, so there was nothing wrong with our car. Then President gave us permission to use part of our lunch time for Sister Gardner to go look for boots at the mall across the street because her boots broke. That was “fun.” Then we hurried home to meet a lady in the ward that picked us up to do survice at another member’s farm. I mucked stalls….I was ankle deep in poo….how fun. I had never done that before so that was an experience. If I do it again, I’ll make sure to get pictures! I had forgotten my camera so there are no pictures. We hope to do it again, though.

Wednesday: We has a special meeting, everyone except me assumed we were going to get the i-pads at this meeting. I on the other hand am assuming that the SCCM will get them when I leave. Just an assumption but who knows. That meeting took most of the day and it was great! We did talk a little about getting Facebook soon as well. We won’t be on owr home Facebooks we will have seperate ones to use as missionaries.

Thursday: Not too much happened, we were given a little extra time to stay in and update maps and papers from months ago and we went to visit a few people. The work is going great!

Friday: Weekly Planning! I love weekly planning (is that weird?). After planning we had luch with the bishop’s parents. They are amazing! He’s not a member but boy does he love family history. And there’s a family history place in Greer, not but 10 miles away.

Saturday we packed a lunch and a dinner and headed up to the far corners of our area…that was a busy day. We had a referral to go see named Steve. We have an appointment with him later today so that’s exciting.

Sunday: Church is always wonderful! I love the ward. I don’t really love going to meetings at 7:30am when we live 30ish minutes away from the church and we have to get up at 6am and shower and get ready in an hour. But it’s absolutely worth it! I love discussing missionary work with the leaders in the ward.

Monday: Another P-day….busy as always. We once again forgot a few things at the store so we had to use a lot of miles to go back to Walmart…yuck. I was able to write 11 happy b-day letters so if your b-day is this month and I know about it, you’ll be getting something in the mail. And if I have your address….if I don’t know your b-day or your address, send it to me 🙂

Anyway, that was the passed few days. Staying busy as usual…it took like 30 minutes to write this email, wow. Anyway…my b-day is coming up and if you are thinking about sending me anything…almonds are still welcomed! Other than that, probably stamps. I’m not too picky…OH! And I would love some photos to hang on my photo wall 🙂

Love y’all! I hope everyone’s week is beautiful!


Sister Carra Skye Miller


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