Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 11/25/13

Good morning, afternoon, evening (not sure when you’ll get this) to everyone! It has been another beautiful week here is the beautiful world of South Carolina. The holidays are certainly approaching. Sad to say that 2 families in our ward will be celebrating the holidays without their loved ones though, two members of our ward family passed away a few days ago, Brother Mooneyhan and Sister Hinton. They are loved greatly and we will be helping with both funerals.

In other news, the weather is certainly changing. It gets down to about 25 degrees at night. When you add humidity to that, it’s cold! It definitely feels like winter, too bad there’s no snow. It rarely snows here, so it’s a little like Fresno! If you take away the humidity, it really is like Fresno (just a smaller place), it’s great.

My companion and I went to the temple last week, it was beautiful! I really miss going, I was only able to go a few times back home before I left for the MTC and only once at the MTC so I hadn’t been in about 8 months. Crazy! And what’s better? The floor plan is just like the Fresno temple so it felt like I was back home. And this elderly couple who have been married for 59 years went through the temple for the first time. They were baptized a year ago and they were sealed. It was beautiful! The man is 91 years old, he was so precious! I love seeing people coming together like that.

Christmas is fast appraoching and my companion says I should make a wish list so here are a few things I could put on it:
1. Almonds (plain flavor)
2. leggings with the feet
3. More Almonds!!!! I have come to love plain Almonds, just so you know.
4. I love anything! Feel free to send whatever….

Well, gotta go, love y’all!


Sister Carra Skye Miller



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