Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 10/14/13

Hey my wonderful friends and family. Boy has this week been crazy. My 9-day companion, Sister Rachel White, has loved living the missionary life. She has done so well and I know that she will be more prepared when she leaves for her mission, she’s going to Arizona but she doesn’t know when yet. She was supposed to leave in July (I think) but was in a serious car accident and she just got her medical clearance last week. She should be leaving within the month. And my companion that went home says she is doing well, which is great to hear. Everyone out her misses her, though, as she was greatly loved. People ask about her all the time.

So, Sister White and I have met some amazing people who have been prepared by the Lord. The first is Mr. Barns. He was a referral from like a year or two ago who was never visited by missionaries. He says he’s been interested in the church for like 40 years. His story is amazing! He owned a chain of self-service stations in Charlston and he had like 200 employees, most of whom were not good people. He was talking to one of the drivers who brings the gas about how he wished that he could find some good, honest help. Well, the driver was a member of the church and the driver referred Mr. Barns to the bishop to find some help. Well, he found good, honest people who were members of the church and he began hiring them at all of his stations. It’s amazing. That shows you that a seed you plant may take 40 years to be harvested. Just because you don’t see the result right away doesn’t mean anything! Oh! and we met Mr. Barns on Friday and he came to church. We didn’t even say anything about church, he asked us!

Another story is of Ashley, 9 yrs old, and Alyssa, 15 yrs old. We met this guy who was watching a USC (University of South Carolina for those of you from California) football game and we started talking to him. Well, he invited us to talk to his two daughters and we had a great lesson with them. We watched a Mormon Message with them called “Moments that Matter Most.” I will include the link. The girls love it. We are going back to talk to them tonight!

Our last miracle story is of Mr. Spears. His neighbor, Brandon told us that he could use our visit so we have been trying to see him for a few days but he hhadn’t been home. Well, we finally got him yesterday after church. He just recently found out that his mom has pancreatic cancer and they also found something in her chest. He has been having a hard time but he listed to us and we exchanged phone numbers and last night he texted us and this is what he said, “Thank you so much for your prayer this afternoon!! I feel blessed to have you come find me and look forward to meeting you again!!” We are also seeing him tonight!

As y’all can see, the Lord is hastening the work. So many people are being prepared! Please pray for the missionaries in your areas, by name, as well as those you know who are serving. Miracles are happening everyday, all around us. What miracle have you seen today?

Here’s the video:

I love y’all! I hope this week is great and that you are able to see how the Lord has worked in your life. Oh yeah! and I found out on Saturday that I will be training again! I’m gonna be a mom again!!! LOL Just so y’all know there is a family tree in missionary life. Here’s mine:
Sister Allen: My grandma (she’s home now)

Sister Browning: My Mommy (she leaves in about 6 weeks )


Sister Simmons: My daughter

Sister Stott: My granddaughter

And now I will have another daughter! On Wednesday!


Sister Carra Skye Miller


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