Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 2/17/14

Hello my wonderful friends and family, I hope everyone had a beautiful week. How was everyone’s Valentines Day? Mine was wonderful! My Valentine this year was Sister Gardner, we got each other a frog haha.

Anyway, this week was…interesting. On Monday we had our P-day, which was busy as usual. Tuesday it snowed, we weren’t allowed to drive… which is a good thing as I have no experience driving in snow. Wednesday we were asked to stay inside due to the snow and we were going crazy! Thursday, we were asked to pray for the snow to leave and it did. We went to visit a Recent Convert and had to walk in the half melted snow. I fell a few times -_- But all is well. We were able to have a snowball fight and stuff. It was so much fun, I LOVE snow!!! Friday we had a missionary meeting and I embarrassed myself. I was supposed to give a training and forgot it at home plus I was a little out of it, due to medicine I just started taking. Saturday we helped clean the church and then we saw this amazing woman, she’s Less-active, who has been through so much. She lost her husband almost a year ago and she’s just been dealing with so much. She truly is AMAZING! Sunday was church, we had ward conference. I loved seeing a few people from my first area, as they have stake callings. Sister Gardner and I got into a water fight as well during dinner. If anyone would like pictures, I have some! Today, well…today we haven’t done much. We did go out to lunch with the bishop’s parents. I had fried cheesecake, it wasn’t that good.

Things in the missionary world are wonderful! We have a few families we are working with and a girl in the ward who is really struggling is opening up to us. I know I was sent here for her. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, transfers are this week and I am staying here in the great Boiling Springs with Sister Gardner. YAY! She and I have so much left to do together!

Sorry to make this short but I hope all is well and that this next week is even greater than the last! I love you!


Sister Carra Skye Miller

100_3361 100_3353


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