Sister Carra Miller’s Mission Adventures 8/12/13

This week there’s not too much to report. It has been a busy day, though.

Monday our phone FINALLY came….at 7:00pm -_- We weren’t too happy about it but at least it came. Plus the UPS guys was quite nice and he had a lond day of deliveries, he still had like 5 more stops to make unitl he could be done. Crazy, right? It’s supposed to close at 7:00pm. Then we headed over to Sprint to switch it over….Sprint closes at 7:00pm as well. So we went over to a members house to switch it over the phone, which didn’t work out because we didn’t know the pin for the account. So the next morning we went to Sprint right after study time and tried to figure it out. We were there for almost an hour because we needed the account name and after guess after guess it was finally figured out. Then we still needed the pin, which we thought we had but it just HAPPENED

sorry, didn’t mean to send that. But the pin was wrong. Then we had interviews, which were AWESOME! Gotta love meeting one-on-one with President Holm. I wish you could all meet him and his wife. Ayway, after interviews, which were in Boiling Springs, we drove around, following the directions of the GPS, to where Sprint stores USED to be. The closest one that hasn’t closed down yet was back in Greer. We drove around for 2 hours looking and found nothing so we headed back to the church for the meeting we had with a big group of missionaries (all the missionaries in the stake). That was great. Then a member took us out to ice cream at Brusters. And yes, I am loctose but my wonderful companion is as well and she has pills! FYI, I found out I was lactose about 2 months ago. It was a sad day. Anyway….the rest of the week went over quite smoothly. Now we are at another P-day. So that’s this week in a nut-shell.

So, for those of you who were wondering, I can receive packages and I would love anything you send. But please make sure it is priority mail (from the post office) and not UPS. If it UPS it will sit in the mission office for who knows how long. They will not forward any packages that are not sent from priority. That is all. And yes, I know I’ve talked about it before. Just letting everyone know/reminding y’all. And I would love letters from anyone. I can read them any day of the week. Emails are only Monday. Just another reminder.

Ok, later! Have a great week! And be good!


Sister Carra Skye Miller

This is the new and old phone....what a pain!
This is the new and old phone….what a pain!

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