“The intensity of our desire to share the gospel is a great indicator of the extent of our personal conversion.” -Dallin H. Oaks

Here are some care package ideas for the missionary in your life, whether they be an Elder or a Sister.

Care package ideas for missionaries:

1.     Packages with FOOD 

  • Chocolate (note – chocolate may melt if sending to hot climates)
    • Aero
    • Reese’s Pieces
    • Smarties
    • M&Ms
    • M Azing
    • Almond Joy (mini snack sized bars)
    • Kitkat
    • Bounty
    • Snickers
    • chocolate coins
  • Candy
    • gummy bears
    • Baskin Robbins hard candies
    •  Skittles
    • Starburst
    • Sunkist Bars
    • Caramel
    • Rock Candy
  • Gum
    • Extra
    • Freedent
    • Carefree
    • Trident
    • Excel
  • Salty snacks
    • chex mix
    • power bars
    • fruit snacks
    • Hotrod
    • sunflower seeds
    • nuts
    • beef jerky
    • goldfish
    • ritz bits
    • popcorn
  • Drinks/Quick meal
    • Juice boxes, pop, water
    • ichiban noodles

2.     Packages with Clothing

  • shoes
  • socks
  • tights
  • leather dress gloves

3.     Practical Packages

  • razors or nail clippers
  • favorite soaps/shampoos that you can’t get in that country
  • favorite toothpaste
  • Floss
  • disposable lint brush
  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  • pens
  • fabric softener
  • hair brush
  • sewing kit
  • pre-addressed and postage paid envelopes with stationery inside
  • stickers for trading for the back of name tags and for giving away to contacts with kids
  • insoles
  • lotion 
  • disposable towelettes

4.     For Sentimental/Special packages

    • Dip hand in paint and make hand print on paper – let dry and then write message on paper (is especially touching if the hand prints are little ones from nieces and nephews) 
    • Poems/stories/scriptures 
    • Pictures 
    • Make a P-day shirt with notes of encouragement and signatures from the ward written with fabric markers or paint 
    • Personalize a bookmark for scriptures 
    • Send pad of sticky notes all used up with messages that begin with “I’m proud of you becaus

    • e…” 
    • Make a mobile out of some of your missionary’s favorite things: picture of their pet, favorite candies, items representing favorite sport or hobby, etc. 
    • Write them a rap or a song and sing it to them by recording it on a cassette tape or video tape – do it for family home evening 
    • Make a paper chain (like the kind you make for your Christmas tree) and write little notes to your missionary on each piece of paper 
    • Write the next letter on cardstock and then cut it into a puzzle for them to put together

Some personal favorites of mine are the rubber duckies that they have at




and the Build-A-Bear at:



Good luck to anyone serving! It will be an amazing experience. 


Sister Carra Skye Miller


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