“REALLY? You have juice packets and Rocky!” -Pitch Perfect

Ok, if any of you have seen “Pitch Perfect” then you know where the quote came from. I watched the movie last night and I really liked it. And I now have a new crush….Skylar Astin. I know I will never meet him but he is amazing. Well, his character is anyway lol. I know this post is really random but as I told you guys, I don’t care if anyone reads this it’s just for me to write about what I’m thinking.


After watching the movie and seeing Skylar’s character, I now know what I want in a guy. I’ve always known but I’ve never written them down. Here is a short list of things I’d like in a guy:

1. Can make me laugh (not that hard to do)

2. Handsome (at least to me. He doesn’t have to be drop dead gorgeous lol)

3. Spontaneous (In a good way lol)

4. Romantic ♥

5. Returned missionary (and worthy to go marry in the temple)

6. Have goals in life and a plan in action to achieve those goals

7. Loving to his mother (if he isn’t loving to his mom why would he be loving to me?)

There’s a good list of stuff but I won’t list them all.

So, that’s all for my random post. Who is everyone’s celebrity crush? Everyone has to have one, or had one at one point in their life.


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